SA1NT Enters North America

‘UNBREAKABLE’ – SA1NT’s Single-Layer Motorcycle Denim Marries Safety with Style & Comfort, Setting an Entirely New Standard for Riding Apparel
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA (January 13, 2021) – SA1NT, a leading Australian motorcycle apparel company and innovators of the world’s strongest single-layer denim, is bringing its ‘UNBREAKABLE’ fabric technology to North America in 2021 with its own direct-to-market online and warehousing solution. To date, the brand has successfully entrenched itself with Australian riders as the outright innovators in protective motorcycle apparel, because it did something other riding apparel brands had not – made technical gear that didn’t look or feel technical. Now the innovative motorcycle apparel brand is looking to show North American riders why its apparel technology, offering an unparalleled and literally ‘UNBREAKABLE’ blend of safety, style and comfort, is unlike any other.
In 2015, SA1NT broke new ground with the world’s first single-layer, CE-approved motorcycle denim, featuring Dyneema®, a proprietary fabric technology 15-times stronger than steel and made from the same fiber that tethers space shuttles and armors helicopters. It’s here where SA1NT breaks the formula, stretching, spinning and blending ballistic, industrial and military application threads with wearables like merino and cotton. The result is the apparel that offers an unrivaled combination of the highest-grade abrasion and tear protection, and all-day comfort on and off the bike.
“We are all die-hard riders that were tired of wearing stiff and heavy materials to be safe. We wanted something that looked like regular fashion, but provided you protection if things went random out on the road,” said SA1NT Founder Aidan Clarke. “We were convinced that in today’s day and age, we could develop something better, lighter and more comfortable, and after much R&D we found that in blending space age Dyneema into single layer denim.  We disrupted the industry and delivered a product that felt as light and flexible as your favorite denim jeans, but could slide down the road without ripping.”
Offering a complete line of men’s and women’s riding and casual wear, SA1NT has grown synonymous with its UNBREAKABLE stretch denim. Integrated across SA1NT’s robust line of jeans and jackets, SA1NT’s UNBREAKABLE denim features 66% Dyneema, which is 200 times stronger than regular denim and has a slide time of six seconds, or 246 feet. Additional cuts, colors, and levels of protection are available throughout the line – allowing riders to select their preferred style and maintain world-class protection. 
From slide tests to strength tests (where SA1NT’s UNBREAKABLE denim lifted a 2.4-ton container), SA1NT has displayed the unrivaled durability and dependability of its UNBREAKABLE denim.
The brand has plans to expand its offering of men’s and women’s apparel in 2021. However, it’s most-immediate priority will be driving increased awareness within the core North American riding community about its game-changing fabric and its unrivaled promise of protection without sacrificing an ounce of style and comfort.
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About SA1NT
Founded in Melbourne Australia, SA1NT quickly grabbed attention throughout Australia as a brand started by riders, for riders. Its authentic brand mission to provide world-class protection without sacrificing style and comfort was a rally cry that riders could support. But its spirit of innovative technologies created a product built to withstand the unfortunate occurrence of a motorcycle accident.
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