Riding For Warriors kicks-off its 10th annual motorcycle ride raising funds for Hope For The Warriors

Eleven-day ride will raise money for scholarship programs for military spouses and caregivers.

Photo Caption: Michael Nehlsen on his ninth annual Riding For Warriors

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HILLSBOROUGH, N.J. (June 4, 2023) – The 10th annual Riding For Warriors motorcycle ride is heading  overseas this August beginning in Geneva, Switzerland and benefiting Hope For The Warriors and its Military Spouse and Caregiver Scholarships programs. The John F. Ward Annual Memorial Ride is honoring WWII veterans in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day while supporting the post-9/11 warrior community.

Hope For The Warriors is a national nonprofit dedicated to restoring a foundation of stability, strength, and community for post-9/11 veterans, service members, and military families.

Since 2006, Hope For The Warriors has awarded Military Spouse and Caregiver Scholarships twice a year. The program recognizes and rewards post-9/11 spouses and caregivers for their strength, fidelity and resolve despite adversity as they assume critical roles in the financial well-being of their families.

Proceeds from the ride will benefit The Riding For Warriors Scholarship Fund, sponsored by Hillmann Consulting, LLC, and Michael Nehlsen, funding two military spouse and caregiver scholarships for multiple semesters. The goal of the scholarship fund is to award recipients for multiple semesters, allowing them to achieve their educational goals without interruption.

The recipients include Laura Hentig, a military spouse and caregiver based in Colorado who is pursuing her Bachelor of Health Science at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Also receiving a military spouse and caregiver scholarship is Florida-based military spouse and caregiver Leslie Blankenship, who is pursuing her associates of nursing at Allegany College of Maryland.

For the 10th year, the ride will be led by Air Force veteran and Hillsborough-based Nehlsen  sponsored by Union, N.J.-based Hillmann Consulting. Joining Nehlsen this year will be U.S. Marine veteran Maj. Gen. Jim Kessler and his wife, Debbie.

The 11-day European journey will begin in Geneva, Switzerland, and travel through France with multiple stops, including Macon, Bourges, Le Mans, the D-Day Normandy Beach areas, Mont Saint-Michel, La Rochelle, Lourdes, Montpellier, Lyon, and winding up back in Geneva.

“For 10 years, I’ve had the honor of serving my fellow military community through Riding For Warriors while supporting Hope For The Warriors and a variety of its programs. From assisting with granting Warrior’s Wishes veterans, to providing higher education scholarships to military spouses and caregivers, it’s been a privilege,” shared Nehlsen.

“As the ride continues to provide support to post 9/11 service members, veterans and their families, we must not forget veterans who served in other conflicts. That is why we’ve decided to take the ride overseas to honor WWII veterans in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day. I continue to be deeply grateful for all who have served, and it is an honor to support the military community in any way I can.”

In nine years, Nehlsen has traveled over 37,000 miles on his motorcycle, raising over $469,000 for Hope For The Warriors’ programs.

“Michael never ceases to amaze us with his creative and impactful ways he supports HOPE and the military families that we serve,” said Robin Kelleher, founder and CEO of Hope For The Warriors. “It’s important to never forget all who have served and commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day while paying it forward to post-9/11 military families is outstanding.

“The Military Spouse and Caregiver Scholarship is one of HOPE’s original programs and it’s monumental to see how many spouses and caregivers we’ve served with scholarships thanks to continued support from donors like Michael and Hillman Consulting, LLC.”

Key sponsors for Riding For Warriors include Hillmann Consulting, LLC, Bill Nelson, and The Wawa Foundation.

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About Hope For The Warriors: 

Founded in 2006, Hope For The Warriors is a national nonprofit dedicated to restoring a foundation of stability, strength and community for post-9/11 veterans, service members and military families. Since its inception, Hope For The Warriors has served over 171,000 service members, veterans, military spouses, and caregivers through 10 programs/services focused on providing financial, career and educational stability; physical and emotional strength; and social support that builds community. This includes The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Hope For The Warriors providing confidential, mental health care services. For more information, visit hopeforthewarriors.orgFacebookXInstagram, YouTube or LinkedIn.