Results: Mecum MidAmerica Motorcycle Auction in Houston

WALWORTH, Wis. – April 18, 2014 –Mecum presented MidAmerica Motorcycles in Houston this past Sunday immediately following its classic and collector car auction and achieved outstanding results in just a four-hour time span. The motorcycle-exclusive auction featured a total offering of 174 vintage and antique motorcycles, 125 of which successfully hammered sold.

The audience was composed of both car collectors discovering the value and appeal of vintage motorcycles, as well as seasoned motorcycle collectors worldwide who have been “chasing” these machines for years. Bidders from across the U.S., Germany, the U.K., Italy and Canada competed in person, on the internet and via live phone bidding for the wide range of motorcycles available, including the more than 100 from the Mike Doyle Museum Collection.

“It was great fun watching veteran vintage motorcycle collectors bid alongside a crowd that traditionally chases collector cars,” commented President of Mecum’s MidAmerica Motorcycle Division Ron Christenson. “Dana and I had a lot of questions going into this back-to-back auction event, above all ‘Is it going to work?’ Well the bikes certainly captured the attention of the car collectors and the motorcycle collectors never lost a beat; so it worked. It really worked.”

The auction’s top sale came in the form of a 1949 Vincent HRD Black Shadow. Gaveling at $105,000, the motorcycle presented as a high-quality example of an already desirable model. Other significant sales included a 1928 Henderson Deluxe Four Cylinder, a 1984 Honda RS750 and a 1914 Indian Twin.

Here’s the top 10 list for the Houston Motorcycle auction:

  1. 1949 Vincent HRD Black Shadow (Lot U72) at $105,000
  2. 1928 Henderson K-Deluxe (Lot U65) at $62,000
  3. 1926 Harley-Davidson JDH-8 Valve Board Track Racer (Lot U81) at $57,000
  4. 1941 Indian Four Cylinder (Lot U84) at $55,000
  5. 1942 Indian 841 Military (Lot U67) at $45,000
  6. 1984 Honda RS750 (Lot U166) at $39,000
  7. 1914 Indian F-Head Twin (Lot U66) at $33,000
  8. 1939 Harley-Davidson EL Knucklehead (Lot U82) at $30,000
  9. 1952 Vincent Comet (Lot U73) at $29,000
  10. 1949 Norton Manx (Lot U75) at $26,000

Mecum’s next MidAmerica motorcycle auction will be held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, Pa., July 27. For more details on an upcoming auction, to consign a vehicle or to register as a bidder, visit or call (262) 275-5050.

1928 henderson

1928 Henderson K-Deluxe (Lot U65)
Photo by David Newhardt, Courtesy of Mecum Auctions
1949 vincent
1949 Vincent HRD Black Shadow (Lot U72)
Photo by David Newhardt, Courtesy of Mecum Auctions