Power Tune XTO Race Only Muffler Kit for 2020 and newer KRX models!

Power Tune XTO Race Only Muffler Kit for 2020 and Newer KRX Models!

KRX owners have been asking, and we’ve been listening! The PowerTune XTO exhaust system is now available, without a Turbo, for your racing KRX! The high-flow stainless muffler body is combined with dual exits, each containing a removable spark arrestor as well as tunable inserts. The best part? This new exhaust system fits both the 2 and 4-seater models of the KRX.
Check them out on the S&S website, or get them from your favorite dealer today!

Even More New Stuff!


Adjustable Clutch Kit for Kawasaki® KRX 1000!

We have developed an adjustable clutch arm kit that lets you fine-tune the engagement point to best fit your driving style, tire size, and even elevation. Our arms are thru hardened 4130 steel for maximum durability and include 1.4-gram magnetic weights for the ultimate in fine-tuning. Arm weight ranges from 87g bare to 109g fully loaded. We also use a low-friction polymer bushing material, so the arms spin out with minimal resistance. Our favorite part of the S&S clutch kit is the simple guide sheet that walks you through the magnet quantity required based on your mods and even covers where to put them across the arm to optimize power.
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