Part fabrication book and part custom-bike-building book

Part fabrication book and part custom-bike-building book, Custom Motorcycle Fabrication is an essential guide for anyone with plans to build their own unique motorcycle out of their own unique parts.

To aid in fabricating those unique parts readers will find one chapter dedicated to Welding, and another to Machining. Well-known how-to author Steve Garn contributes three fabrication chapters: Materials, How to Make a Frame Jig, and Working with Tubing. Two additional fabrication sequences, How to Fabricate a set of Bars and How to Fabricate an Oil Tank, are contributed by Paul Wideman, owner of Bare Knuckle Choppers.

Additional fabrication sequences can be found in the bike assembly chapters contributed by three long standing and well-known shops: Shadley Bros, Donnie Smith Custom Cycles and Creative Metalwork. The bike assembly chapters include one late model Dyna, one rapid transit Bagger, and one Shovel-Glide.

There is nothing quite like a fine custom motorcycle. The vision of one person. A bike with nice lines and a strong motor. A bike unlike any other on the planet. It doesn’t take fifty thousand dollars. It does take hard work and a tight focus on one goal – fabricating and assembling a very personal two-wheeled expression of the fire that burns in your soul.
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