The Lighter Side of American Made Parts

Brass Balls LED

We love American made motorcycle parts, and here’s a really trick one from the folks at Brass Balls Cycles. These LED headlights have been rigorously prototyped, developed and tested on all kinds of Brass Balls creations, and are now available for your own custom or project.

Brass Balls LED 2

The best news is that the first 25 orders will save $100! So head over to the Brass Balls Cycles website for more info HERE!

Clean Workbench, Clean Mind…

Take it from someone who once spent a whole day looking for a shifter ratchet spring: working on your own motorcycle is just easier when you’re clean an organized. While plastic bags, old coffee cans and empty egg cartons have certainly done their time, these hardware organizers from JIMS are designed specifically for our motorcycles. The right tools make a world of difference, you know…find out more on JIMS’s website, HERE.


Custom Chrome Europe Back in the Limelight

You may not have heard a lot from Custom Chrome lately, but they’re on the move. Their European branch is making bold new strides in the continental market, with a host of changes planned and underway for 2014. The new catalogue, shown here, is already out with roughly 28,000 different products for your V-twin. Plus, a new warehouse centrally located in Grolsheim, Germany is twice as big as the old one and ready to ship immediately. Find out more info on their new website HERE.

CCE Catalogue

2nd Annual “T.O.U.R.“ Ride

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip has announced that the 2nd Trike Owners United Ride (T.O.U.R.) will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 6 during the annual Sturgis Rally. This free all-trike event is sponsored by Roadsmith Trikes  and will include a 50-mile self-guided ride through the scenic Black Hills before heading to the Buffalo Chip for a custom trike show and private reception. The T.O.U.R. event is open to all makes and models of trikes. Riders may pre-register for the event at

“The Trike Owners United Ride allows trike riders from around the world to come together to celebrate the freedom and camaraderie shared by those who travel on three wheels,” says Rod Woodruff, President of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. “We couldn’t be more excited to again welcome trikers home to the Buffalo Chip by hosting this distinctive event.”

The T.O.U.R. ‘trikers’ will depart from the Main Street in Hill City, South Dakota and ride 50-miles through the scenic highways of the Black Hills on a self-guided ride that includes Vanocker Canyon and culminates with a trike procession through the Buffalo Chip grounds  leading to a private T.O.U.R. reception at the Chip’s Russ Brown Events Center.

This T.O.U.R. reception gives the ‘trikers’ an opportunity to spend socialize with hundreds of fellow 3-wheeler enthusiasts and enjoy free hors d’oeuvres and live entertainment. There will also be door prizes, a custom trike show, plus full access to famed motorcycle photographer Michael Lichter’s Buffalo Chip’s Motorcycles as Art exhibition.

“This year’s T.O.U.R. event promises to be even bigger and better than last year’s, with more trikes, more prizes and more fun,” says Roadsmith General Manager, Doug Lindholm. “We’re proud to work with our friends at the legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip to sponsor this event for the second year in a row.”

“The T.O.U.R. event gives trike owners the opportunity to experience and share with others our passion and love for the open road and the freedom it instills,” says 2013 T.O.U.R. participant, Paul Marquardt. “I thoroughly enjoyed last year’s ride from Hill City through some of the most picturesque parts of the Black Hills to the Buffalo Chip, and I can’t wait for another memorable event this year.”

Participants of the T.O.U.R. event can also take in additional Buffalo Chip events on Aug. 6, (including that evening’s performance by Florida Georgia Line) by purchasing campground admission passes. Passes for the Buffalo Chip’s 33rd annual Motorcycle and Music Festival are on sale now. All concerts are free with camping. For more information, to register or to get passes to the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling, visit or call (605) 347-9000.

Source: Buffalo Chip
Posted by Sam Kanish

Aerostich Insulated Elkskin Gauntlets

Story by Edge
Photo by Jeff Najar

The day before I was meeting Prince Najar for the ride down to Daytona I parked my bike in front of the house, walked into the kitchen and smelled something good cooking. There was a heavy looking pot on the stove with some type of shredded meat. Apparently this pot is a cast iron, over-priced device named a Le Creuset.


“Hey, that smells good,” I said to my wife.

“Put the lid on so it doesn’t dry out,” she said.

Now, “drying out” implies (to me) it has been sitting out for an hour or so. So I looked down at the four-pound, cast iron lid next to the pot and grasped it firmly to lift it. A searing pain from the 350-degree lid shot to my brain. I made that crazy-face the Nazi makes in Raiders of the Lost Ark when he grasps a red-hot medallion. Then, I gave my wife my piercing “WTF” look.

“You should have used a potholder,” she said.

“I didn’t know you just took it off the stove!” I said.

“I didn’t,” she said loudly in that kind of jubilant voice she uses whenever I am wrong. Then in a very quiet voice she added, “I just took it out of the oven.”

I was wondering how my hand would feel the next day when we headed south. As it turned out, I shouldn’t have worried. I had recently received a set of Aerostich Insulated Elkskin Gauntlet Gloves and they are the perfect medicine to keep your digits happy in questionable weather.

When I first received the gloves they were just a bit tight, which is what you want. I spent some time wearing them and they stretch slightly and form to your hand. I sprayed the back of the gloves with a silicone based waterproof spay made by Kiwi called Camp Dry. In the past I have used Mink Oil on the back of my gloves and the color of the gloves would darken several shades, which I don’t mind. I expected the same from the silicone spay but nothing much happened. Until the rain hit them, it was hard to tell I had sprayed them.

The Elkskin Gauntlets are serious gloves. Good gloves are not inexpensive but these are gloves that will easily get me through a decade of southern winters. The Insulation is 100% merino wool, which Aerostich states is softer, thicker, warmer and more durable than the common fleeces and synthetic fibers. Having camped in the great outdoors for many years I can absolutely attest to the fact that wool surprisingly outperforms most new wonder insulations, especially when wet. However, the downside of wool has always been weight and the texture against your skin. Aerostich has sandwiched a blocking layer of fleece covering the entire backside of the hand between the deerskin outer side and the merino wool. This wind blocking fleece layer also extends across the backside of the thumb. The fabric that’s against your skin in these gloves is comfortable. Even with extra sensitive, Le Creuset-modified skin, these gloves are comfy. No itch, no exposed seams. Flawless!


Heading south the next morning the weather wasn’t ideal for riding, but it was perfect for testing the gloves. We took off in overcast skies and 48-degrees. Light sheets of cold gray rain completed the ambiance twenty minutes in, and accompanied us for the next four hours as we made our way south, first on Interstate 26 and then 95.

I kept waiting for the time when then water would soak into the gloves enough so that I could feel it against my skin and it never came. It was not a heavy rain but every glove I’ve had soaks through at some point. These gloves look like they would suck up water like a sponge but they don’t. Over the 900-mile trip I found that the best operating temperature of the glove for me was between 50 and 70 degrees and I definitely prefer the silicone spay to mink oil. I will be using these gloves for a long, long time.

Insulated Elkskin Gauntlets feature American elkskin leather palms for greater durability and protection, and American deerskin in other areas for lightweight durable comfort. Aerostich has added a visco-elastic TF3 impact pad beneath another layer of deerskin across the knuckles. I didn’t have to punch any cheddar-heads in Daytona, but then again I’m not positive punching people is the reason for that particular upgrade. It may be because it adds further protection to the hand! There’s also a cinch at the wrist and a Velcro adjustment tab at the end of the gauntlet.

Oddly, and I never noticed this before, there are huge billboards with pictures of Le Creuset cast iron pots on the side of I-95 headed to Daytona. These signs could have been cruel reminders of uncomfortable hands but they weren’t; not in these gloves.

Enjoy the wild ride!