Motorcycle Rider Foundation Endorses Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Movement

The face of the motorcycle industry has been changing for some time now. To that end the fair play between traditional aftermarket shops and the new reseller models presents many challenges for any motorcycle business owner. Enter the Motorcycle Rider Foundation and the new Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Network (IMA). What started as a casual meeting during Daytona has become so much more and needs your participation now.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) has agreed to formally support the recently formed discussion group recognized as the Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Network. “This discussion group intends to keep the MRF informed of the challenges they face operating a business that supports motorcycle riders with services not offered by traditional franchise dealers, stated Kirk “Hardtail” Willard, furthermore the MRF will set up a formal review council to present the most pressing issues to our lobbyists in Washington, DC.” Independent motorcycle dealers and custom bike builders are critical to our industry’s sustenance with the services they provide for older bikes and customization.

Independent motorcycle dealers and custom bike builders wishing to join the Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Network can contact Bob Kay Or go directly to the website at

There is also a private Facebook group set up for discussion of these important topics at

And a public Instagram page dedicated to passing IMA news and events.

You can also support our lobbyists efforts by purchasing a Sustaining Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket Annual Membership at

Right to Repair – You or the repair shop of your choice should have access to the tools, parts, and technology you need. However, manufacturers want to restrict your ability to service, maintain and repair your bike.

Right to Modify – The ability to modify and customize your bike is a fight the MRF has won before. In the 1990’s the MRF defeated a proposal that would have limited modification to “color and chrome.” We continue to fight for consumers rights to modify products they buy how they see fit.

Renewable Fuels – The availability of fuel for use in motorcycles is under attack. The MRF fights for the universal availability of approved fuel blends, containing no more than 10% ethanol by volume.

Internal Combustion Engines – Not only is the fuel we need under attack, but the engines that burn that fuel are being targeted. A push to ban the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines is happening right now! We believe Americans should have the right to choose what time of engine to buy not have the choice mandated by the government.

End of Life Directives – In Europe, “end of life directives” require vehicles over a certain age be turned in for destruction. Policy ideas that first appear in Europe have a history of popping up in the United States. The ability to own, collect, work on, and refurbish older motorcycles is a fundamental part of who we are as motorcyclists. The MRF will battle any end-of-life directives in the U.S.

Protect the Motorcycle Ecosystem – Independent shops and manufacturers are a critical part of the motorcycle ecosystem. They provide choice and competition in the marketplace. The MRF believes that to preserve the lifestyle and culture of motorcycling, independent shops and manufacturers must be protected.

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