METZELER Karoo 4 and Tourance Next 2 Tires Now in Stock and Available

The two all-new tire models for adventure motorcycles are now in stock and available through Parts Unlimited dealers.

Atlanta, GA – September 12, 2022 – The two latest adventure tire models from METZELER, the Karoo 4 and the Tourance Next 2, have arrived in the U.S. and are now available to riders through Parts Unlimited dealers.
“The next generation of Metzeler adventure tires has arrived,” said Scott Griffin, VP of Motorcycle Sales for METZELER USA. “These new models have already been seeing great success with European riders, and we are excited for U.S. riders to start enjoying them and putting them through their paces.”
Building on the success of its predecessor, METZELER designed the Karoo 4 around exceptional performance and reliability for riders of adventure and dual sport motorcycles. Off-road performance is key for this 50/50 tire, with scoop-shaped blocks in the tread offering maximum traction even in soft or muddy terrain. For those stretches of road miles, the Karoo 4 offers a stiffer carcass structure and a new multi-radius profile to promote line holding and grip in lean, with dual-compound rears offering enhanced grip under heavy loads. While these types of motorcycles afford riders the ability to get away from civilization and discover the backcountry, the Karoo 4’s new rubber formulations offer improved abrasion, cutting and tear resistance in highly aggressive conditions.
For adventure riders who spend a little more time on the asphalt and demand the absolute best in performance from their motorcycles, the METZELER Tourance Next 2 is the new tire of choice. Utilizing METZELER’s radial structure with 0-degree steel belt and INTERACT™ technology, the Tourance Next 2 offers riders both agility and stability along with an accurate feel for the controls. As with other METZELER tire models, Tourance Next 2 was designed with wet weather in mind, and response in wet conditions is achieved with new rubber compounds and METZELER HYPERBASE™ construction. Durability is front and center as well, with new compounds and METZELER Dynamic Mold Angle Technology delivering performance throughout the entire life cycle of the tire.