Margie Siegal’s New Harley History Book

margie siegal bookBack years ago when Dennis Stemp first started the original Iron Trader News one of his first acts was to get Margie Siegal on board to write about antique motorcycles and the history of motorcycling. Over the years Margie has entertained and enlightened our readers in every issue with her vast knowledge and expertise in the field of antique motorcycles.

Now she has written a new book about the history of Harley-Davidson titled: Harley-Davidson, A History of the World’s Most Famous Motorcycle. This 96 page book is being published by Random House and will go on sale in stores on May 20, 2014 for $9.95. But the book is available for preordering right now from Barnes & Noble, and This book should be a ‘must buy’ for anyone who considers themselves a true Harley enthusiast.

Source: Random House
Posted by Sam Kanish