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River crossings by motorcycle in Asia

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There is a lot of ways to get across the rivers here in Asia.

Even when they have bridges, they can be very sketchy and you have to walk across them just to test if they will hold the weight of you and your bike.

Sometimes you are just better off riding across.

Rivers need to be walked to check the depth or you can watch some one else and decide how to go about crossing. Locals usually know the best way.

Sometimes you can find a good makeshift ferry to carry your bike across.

But most of the time it is just an ordinary boat. Basically an over sized canoe that is used to carry people across.

There are no docks and the boats can’t pull up onto the beach. You usually have to bring the bikes into the water to load and unload them but that is just one obstacle.

The beaches have soft sand which you have to cross to get to and from the boats and it doesn’t stop there.

Most beaches are below steep hills or even cliffs that you must get up and down.

Basically you just have to be prepared to get a little dirty like in all good adventures!

Here is a video where I had a little fun with a bridge crossing…….