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Horst Roesler :

Springtime “Rheinhessen Rumble” will feature Bike Show powered by Custom Chrome Europe!

May 6th – 8th 2022, “Nahetal Arena” at ClassicX Landhaus & Hotel near Gensingen/Germany rocks again! Custom Chrome Europe adds € 5.000,– + price value on Rheinhessen Rumble Ride-In Bikeshow!

Bikeshows are back – or more precise: Custom Chrome Europe’s Bikeshow enthusiasm is BACK! Following last year´s successful October premiere of the new “Rheinhessen Rumble” in Gensingen/Germany, the German Bikeshow season is set to take off on the weekend of May 6th to 8th 2022. With the ClassicX Landhaus & Hotel and Custom Chrome Europe’s HQ and Warehouse in Grolsheim less than 4 kilometer apart, plenty of CCE staff and management was seen visiting the event – and the idea of adding a Ride-In type Bikeshow to the next edition soon was sealed!

The experienced “Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series” team will co-organize the Bikeshow, which – thanks to the location – will integrate characteristics of both “Ride-In” and “Indoor” bike shows which have already been introduced at Custom Chrome Europe events. Then acting “Showmaster” and “Motographer” Horst Roesler had his indoor studio equipment already up and “flashing” at Rumble #1 and has worked out a concept that will be exiting for both: exhibiting dealers and “Ride In” competitors which arrive only for Saturdays May 7th judging and trophy ceremony.

Sign-In and Show Information will soon be available on CCE and event websites, but a few details can be uncovered: The “Rheinhessen Rumble Bike Show powered by Custom Chrome Europe” will feature 5 classes, updated from the “classic” CCE Faak Ride-In Bike Show: Championship, Modified Harley, Jammer Old School (now integrating Choppers), Bagger/Touring and Sportster Engine, the latter also including customized new “Sportster S”! Each class is “boosted” (we HAD to use this term!) by CCE with € 200,-/300,-/500,- Parts Credit Vouchers for 3rd, 2nd and 1st in each category, adding up to a price value of € 5.000,–!

Two limitations will apply: First, you may not be able to take your cheques immediately to the CCE HQ/Warehouse right away, as the staff is absent on the weekend. Guess where…? The other is that – just as the established practice in Faak for years – registration fee for each bike entered into the show will be € 20,– on arrival and entering the bike. This money– as done after all Faak events at Arneitz Custom Show – will be forwarded to the “Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder e.V. Köln” in Cologne/Germany, a society that is supporting children with cancer.

As the “Motographer Photostudio” will be set up for all event days, participants of the 2022 Rheinhessen Rumble Bike Show will have the chance to get their bikes featured for the international custombike magazines, as it has been done at many other CCE-organized bikeshows in the past decades. So, its “back to Party” again in May 2022 – bring your custom bike creations to present them to the public at a very cool event: Let’s Rumble in May ’22!

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Joerg Zehmer of Joerg-Art took care of the Body-painting part on Saturday!

ART_Bike_RIGHT_front_IMG_0842.jpg, ART_Bike_LEFT_Rear_IMG_0691.jpg
As Maniac MechaniX has already a reputation for extraordinary and extreme custombikes other exhibitors join in: Here’s an examples present at the “Rheinhessen Rumble”, built by Freaky Motors!

Joerg Zehmer of Joerg-Art took care of the Body-painting part on Saturday!

RHRumble_Entrance_C64P7774.jpg, RHRumble_Entrance_C64P7853.jpg
Arriving at the “Nahetal Arena” at ClassicX Landhaus & Hotel near Gensingen/Germany

The power team behind the event: Maniac MechaniX Christian Denstedt and his wife Lisa.

RHRumble_Stage_2021_C64P7472.jpg, RHRumble_Stage_2021_IMG_0518.jpg
In 2022, the “Rheinhessen Rumble Bike Show powered by Custom Chrome Europe” builders will receive their trophies at the “Nahetal Arena”.

RHRumble_Stage_2021_C64P8520.jpg, RHRumble_Stage_2021_IMG_0507.jpg
“We Salute You” is Germany’s top AC-DC tribute band, offered a great show on a AC-DC style stage from the eighties and nineties at the October 2021 event!

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