JIMS New Product Release For The JIMS® Piston Jet Test Stand

Is your Milwaukee-Eight® or Twin Cam® sumping oil? Are the tappets noisy at startup? Are you experiencing excessive heat in the top end? All of these conditions can easily be diagnosed incorrectly, which can lead to wasted time, money and effort – or, worse yet, an expensive engine failure. Stock piston jets sometimes fail, this is a fact. The check valve inside can be open at idle, adding too much oil to the crankcase resulting in a sumping condition. Or, worse yet, the top end of the engine can be oil starved causing heat and pre-mature damage or engine failure. JIMS has now updated the piston jet test stand to include BOTH applications – Milwaukee-Eight® and Twin Cam®. Before you spend time, money and effort chasing a problem in the wrong direction – be sure that your piston jets are functioning properly. For more quick and concise information on piston jet failure rates and how this test stand works … check out Baxters Garage “JIMS Piston Jet Test Stand” video on youtube For additional product information please contact JIMS® at (805) 482-6913, email us at, or visit
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