International Shipping is a challenge if you don’t understand the game. I have been involved with the Motorcycle Industry for some 20 years as a media person, however, I have been a U.S. Customs Broker since 1983. I’m heavily involved with U.S. Customs compliance issues, International shipping, & forwarding. Being part of a highly experienced smaller Brokerage, we are able to offer personal services that the larger forwarders cannot. The Fedex’s and UPS groups of the world are good to a point, but without a trusted group of agents that can watch your freight door to door, one just never knows…

Call me if you need assistance or just advice, I’m more than happy to help. Don’t turn away an opportunity to attend en EXPO in Japan or even the European countries because you aren’t sure hot to move your freight. My office number is 610-994-5069 and my email is Why am I different, because the motor sports industry is in my blood, so my level of care is well above the rest.