Increase Fuel Flow on Harley CV Carbs

It’s the rare Harley rider that’s not interested in engine performance and most riders know that fuel flow is key. To that end CV Performance, a company that has specialized in the tuning of H-D CV carburetion for over 25 years, offers the Harley Fuel Inlet Elbow to help Harley-Davidson owners make sure the fuel flow to their stock carburetor has a solid foundation.

The Fuel Inlet Elbow does two important jobs: it increases fuel flow by up to 40% when using a 5/16″ fuel line, and it improves fuel flow system integrity by replacing the stock plastic inlet with a solid brass, one-piece unit.  The two-piece stock item can crack, leak or break as it hardens with age.

The CVP Harley Fuel Inlet Elbow comes complete with a new stainless steel fuel line clamp. Email: or visit 

CV Carb Elbow