EBC Brakes to the Rescue!

SEMA recently reported that the EPA has reached an agreement with states and reps from auto industry associations and suppliers to reduce the amount of copper used in motor vehicle brake pads. According to the news release:
Copper amounts will be reduced to less than 5% by 2021 and 0.5% by 2025 under the so-called “Copper-Free Brake Initiative.” The voluntary agreement also seeks to reduce the amount of mercury, lead, cadmium, asbestosis fibers and chromium-6 salts in motor vehicle brake pads.
As brakes are used, these materials may fall on the roadways and eventually run-off into streams, rivers and lakes and pose harm to animals and plants.  California and Washington have already passed requirements to reduce these materials in brake pads.
Why is this important to us? Because automotive trends often roll over to the motorcycle industry so vigilance is vital. But it seems there’s at least one company that’s been watching out for motorcyclists: EBC Brakes. We’ve learned that thanks to efforts by company reps from EBC, these same restrictions are not and will not be placed on motorcycle brake pad manufacturers.
Thanks, EBC!EBC logo