Harley-Davidson HOG Booster Portable Battery Pack

It’s getting to be that time of year when riders around most of the country are starting to think about getting their steel horse out, weather permitting of course. Now if you’re one of those ones who think the old girl will fire up right away even though you didn’t have it hooked up to a trickle charger while it was dormant over the winter. Or if you’re like me and have a bike with a high compression motor and an older battery here’s an item you might want to invest in.

The HOG Booster from Harley-Davidson is a compact but powerful unit that can help you out when you hear that slow growling sound coming from the starter. If so before you hear that dreaded ‘click, click, click’ you can pull the HOG Booster out of your saddlebag or Tour-pak, hook the cables to your battery posts and you now have 1000 amps of 12-volt power ready to help crank that motor over.
When fully charged; which you can do by connecting it to a USB port on a PC, a 12V outlet via the included adapter, or a cell phone charger, the HOG Booster is capable of more than two dozen ‘boosts’. The unit is designed so the connections are spark proof and it won’t allow reverse polarity to damage the bike’s electrical system. Not only that but it will charge your electronic devices and has a 100-lumen flashlight built in. It’s sort of like an electronic Swiss Army Knife.

The Harley-Davidson HOG Booster (part #6600130, $129.95) comes with the booster unit, cables with alligator clips, 12V cigarette lighter adapter, storage bag, and instruction booklet. It is available at your local Harley-Davidson dealer or from .

There are a couple minor things I think they could change. I wish the cables were just a tad longer although they were much heavier than I expected, and the storage bag could be more substantial. That said I know I’ll have a HOG Booster stashed somewhere on my bike whenever I ride from now on.

Source: Harley-Davidson
Images: Harley-Davidson, Sam Kanish