Getting it Together: Aerostich to the rescue

Keeping your important stuff together can be a challenge when you’re riding, especially on longer trips. I’ve searched exhaustively for a compact yet competent organizer – something small enough to slip into a saddlebag but not so small that it gets lost; a slim holder that can accommodate a smart phone but also keeps everything secure if it gets jostled about or the weather turns nasty. And I think I found just the thing!

Aerostich specializes in hard-working, long-lasting equipment for riders, including their recognizable Aerostich suits. Nothing in their vast line of practical products makes the cut unless it’s been road-tested and passed by Mr. Subjective, the boss. So I was pretty sure this Rite in the Rain Cover would do its job and I’m not disappointed.

Made specifically to hold the manufacturer’s outdoor writing notebooks and pens, I adapted it for important papers, a tool or two, and the all-important communications device. The water-resistant, heavy-duty canvas fabric has just enough tooth that things don’t slip around, and the full length exterior zipper ensures that everything you put inside, stays inside. It zips up to about 7” x 9” x 1.5” – just right for standing up at easy reach inside a saddlebag or backpack.

I plan to use it until it wears out. And that looks to be quite a ways off. Learn more at