A Perewitz Bobber


Everybody was building bobbers in 2007 – everyone except the foremost painter and fabricator of baggers himself, Dave Perewitz. That’s why, when we met up with him at a bike show in Charlotte, North Carolina that October, we were both surprised and delighted to see this bike, a sparkling gem of bobberdom. Resplendent with its TP engine, fishtail pipes, and pared down sheetmetal it was a lightweight no nonsense freeway flyer, all the more impressive considering the source.

So we rolled it out into the late afternoon autumn sun for some pictures, the goal being to put it in print before long. But, as some things do, this beauty was lost to deadlines and so-called progress. Lucky for all of us, the images were lately unearthed to share now, and Dave’s bobber is looking just as lovely, current and rideable as it did that afternoon, more than six years ago

Words and photos by Marilyn Stemp

IMG_2549 IMG_2544 IMG_2543 IMG_2540 IMG_2531 IMG_2522