Ed Fisher Named Grand Marshal for Laconia’s FIM and AFT Races

Ed Fisher Named Grand Marshal
2022 FIM North America Vintage Road Race Championships
June 11,12 2022
And The
2022 Progressive AFT Laconia Short Track
June 11, 2022


Ed Fisher will be the Grand Marshal for the 2022 FIM North America Vintage Road Race Championships June 11,12  and the Progressive AFT Laconia Short Track races at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway June 11, 2022.


Sixty nine years ago Ed won the legendary AMA 100 mile Laconia National road race on the historic Belknap track on June 11, 1953 riding a factory Triumph. Ed started his racing career riding for the Indian factory of Springfield, Massachusetts after world war II until Indian closed their doors and ceased their production in the early 1950’s. In 1952 Ed was offered a factory ride by Rod Coates of Triumph on a special factory Triumph for Daytona. Mechanical troubles sidelined Ed at that Daytona race on the  beach. Ed finished second on the factory Triumph later that year at Laconia in 1952 behind legendary racer Dick Klamfoth. In 1953 Ed won the Laconia National on his factory Triumph. Ed was one of the top AMA racers on both the dirt and pavement tracks across America until the late 1950’s when he turned his focus to his motorcycle dealership and raising his family. Ed never really quit racing as he continued his racing involvement occasionally racing on sportsman level events and vintage events. Ed  sponsored his son Gary who also became a top AMA pro racer. Gary won the Laconia National races in 1972. Ed will turn 97 years old at the “Laconia” motorcycle races this June. Unbelievably, Ed still rides his motorcycle regularly and has competed in vintage race events well into his 90’s.


The date June 11th is a very unique and a special date for Ed.


Ed was born on June 11, 1925. Ed won the Laconia National on June 11, 1953. Ed’s son Gary won the Laconia Nationals on June 11, 1972 and Ed will be celebrating his 97th birthday as Co-Grand Marshal with his son Gary at the FIM North America Vintage Road race Championships and Grand Marshal at the AFT Progressive Laconia Short Track races at the NH Motor Speedway on June 11, 2022.


FIM North America is a union composed of the Canadian Motorcycle Association and the American Motorcyclist Association. FIM NA is the sanctioning body under the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme.
The United States Classic Racing Association, organizing the above vintage road racing event event is a charter club within the American Motorcyclist Association.
The Progressive American Flat Track Series and the Progressive Laconia Short Track is administered by AMA Pro Racing located at 525Fentress Blvd. Suite B, Daytona Beach Florida 32114 Daytona Beach, Florida.