Curing Kids Cancer Breaks Record at Mecum Motorcycle Auction in Las Vegas!

The South Point Hotel & Casino recently hosted the Mecum Motorcycle Auction at the end of January in Las Vegas, NV. Motorcycle Safety Lawyers® was in attendance supporting Curing Kids Cancer (CKC) in their efforts to raise money to fund research to find cures for childhood cancer.

Grainne Owen, Co-Founder and President of Curing Kids Cancer and her team, were excited to break a fundraising record at the January Mecum Auction!! Grainne was able to accomplish this through funds raised by the helmet auctions, road art auctions and the generous donations received at Mecum! A total of $103,000 was raised at the January event!

The Art from The Heart fundraising campaign was a partnership between Motorcycle Safety Lawyers®, KIRSH Helmets, Motorcycle Knuckle Busters, and Curing Kids Cancer. It began with 25 artists from around the country custom painting KIRSH Helmets with their own unique designs and submitting them to be voted on by the public. The voting closed at the end of December and the winner was chosen and announced at Mecum. Havana Kustoms produced the winning helmet and was presented with a $5000 check from Motorcycle Safety Lawyers® a division of Shuman Legal®.


The winning helmet was auctioned at Mecum and bought by non-other than Mike Wolfe from American Pickers for $17,000. Mike graciously donated the helmet back stating that he believes in Curing Kids Cancer’s efforts and wants to help them raise even more money to save children’s lives. The winning helmet will be crossing the auction block at the Indianapolis Mecum Auction in May 2023.

Motorcycle Safety Lawyers® is proud to be sponsor Curing Kids Cancer and looks forward to our continuing relationship. CKC funds have gone to helping doctors in 27 states at more than 45 facilities who are breaking ground in pediatric cancer research. Funds also support the development of CAR-T-Cell therapy which has a 97% success rate in saving children in hospice. The therapy costs $25,000 per child and doesn’t require radiation or chemotherapy.

Motorcycle Safety Lawyers® a division of Shuman Legal® has been serving the community for over 35 years. Motorcycle Safety Lawyers® supports numerous charities including those focused on veterans, children, and pets. Motorcycle Safety Lawyers® is helping save lives and making a difference with the charities that they support.

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