What is the Corbin Cruise saddle?
With the advent of E-Bikes and pedal assist, there’s a whole class of bicycles that don’t require us to work so hard. As a matter of fact, many of us find ourselves cranking up the PA and letting the batteries haul us to work in the morning and save the pedaling for the ride home. These bikes are also great for a casual cruise along the sea shore or a favorite park with your significant other. Throw a sixer of Corona on the rack, and you’re ready to change your latitude.
In short, think of it as a touring saddle for your bike… and we don’t mean that in a Tour de France kind of way.
We started with a larger seating platform and shaped it ergonomically to maximize the rider’s contact area. This shaping helps to eliminate hot spots and disperse weight over a larger area. It also helps to eliminate centralized pressure on your tailbone. Our dished seating design also provides nearly two inches of low back support and stability in the seat.
Naturally, we sculpt this large bucket design with a narrow horn at the front to allow for pedaling. Like it or not, we all end up pedaling at some point.
We then cast this carefully designed shape using our purpose-built, infinite ratio Comfort Cell foam. Corbin’s time-tested foam material is specially made to support body weight for long periods and not break down. Comfort Cell foam is a closed-cell material that feels firm when you first ride on it but maintains resilience indefinitely. Soft foam as found in most bicycle seats breaks down after just a few minutes and leaves you essentially sitting on the base material.
To support the engineered foam shape, we use our unique Fibertech material that provides a rigid and weatherproof base. Attachment and adjustment duties fall to the typical spring-type assembly that helps to absorb some of what the road throws at you. This assembly offers adjustment fore-aft and also angle.
Comfort and style together in one package made the Corbin name famous worldwide in the motorcycle industry. Delivering a quality product constructed of the finest materials available has made Corbin the number one manufacturer of motorcycle saddles for over fifty years!