CCE Triple Tree Fix for Baggers

ss1You know the feeling: you’re tooling along at a good clip and go into a sweeper when rock solid suddenly goes wiggly-wobbly and you wonder what’s going on.

Well nothing serious is happening really, according to Roy Chamberlin of C&C Cycle in Severn, MD. He says this can sometimes happen because of a factor in the bike’s rear end, where the rubber donut at the pivot shaft mounts to the frame. Another possible culprit is an element of construction inherent in the front end, and on many factory baggers that’s precisely where this instability comes from.

Several solutions have been brought to market but according to Margaret Nicastri, Roy’s partner at C&C and owner of a well-ridden 2004 Ultra Classic, the one that works for her is Custom Cycle Engineering’s Dresser Tour Trac Tree. It was designed to take the “squishy” feeling out of baggers at high speed.

CCE redesigned the upper triple tree in a pinch bolt style, offering well over 2-inches of clamping stability to the front end. This results in the fork tubes being pinched at both the top AND the bottom, creating a feeling of stability you just don’t get otherwise.

Margaret’s assessment of the difference once Roy installed the Tour Trac on her Ultra? “The bike feels tight now, the wiggle is gone. And it could be trouble, because I can go really, really fast now!”

It’s a pricey fix, about $850 plus 5 hours of labor, though the package comes complete, as shown. If you’re in a quandary about return on investment, ask yourself: what’s the price of confidence and security?

Custom Cycle Engineering
Oceanside, CA

C&C Cycle
Severn, MD