2017 Las Vegas Motorcycle Hall of Fame Inductee Genevieve Schmitt

2Las Vegas Motorcycle Hall of Fame announced Genevieve Schmitt as the first inductee into the 2017 class.
Genevieve is one of the leading influencers in women motorcycling today. Over the two decades that she has been working full time as a journalist and publisher in the motorcycle industry, she has written articles and made speeches that have inspired thousands of women to ride motorcycles.
In 2005, Genevieve launched what is now the longest running and most comprehensive resource for female motorcyclists anywhere, The online magazine not only provides motorcycling news and reviews from a female point of view, but she is proud of the fact that she created the only media resource where companies can successfully connect with hundreds of thousands of women riders to advertise their products or services.
“I am extremely humbled by this recognition of my work in the media that brings attention to the women’s motorcycling community. All the glory goes to God for giving me the talent; to the riders, women and men, who read my articles; and all the powersports companies that have supported my efforts over the years”, says Schmitt.
Prior to launching Genevieve conceived the idea for Woman Rider magazine, a national print publication where, for the first time, readers could see on the pages of a professional magazine, women of all ages riding any brand of motorcycle.  Over the years Genevieve has contributed articles to nearly every motorcycle magazine providing one of the early female voices in motorsports journalism.
“Genevieve is a pioneer in the industry, hobby and sport of women motorcycling. She has reached beyond the stereo-types and has brought female riders to the fore front. As the fastest growing demographic of new riders, Genevieve has shown that women can have the same amount of passion and enthusiasm for motorcycle riding as any man”, says Mindi Cherry, Vice President and Event Manager of Las Vegas BikeFest.
Las Vegas BikeFest, in partnership with Branscombe Richmond, launched the Las Vegas Motorcycle Hall of Fame at the 2016 rally. “The Hall of Fame is designed to honor the iconic ambassadors, influential heroes and people who put their interests above and beyond for the motorcycle community. This honor celebrates, illuminates and preserves the rich tradition of motorcycling in America”, says Cherry and Richmond, curators of the Hall of Fame.
A ceremony to honor the inductees will be held on Friday, October 6 at the 17th Annual Las Vegas BikeFest held in Downtown Las Vegas. Additional inductees will be announced soon.
About Las Vegas BikeFest: The 17th annual Las Vegas BikeFest will be held October 5 – 8, 2017 in the heart of downtown Las Vegas on Fremont East.