WHY SHEEPSKIN? Royal Riding Combines Hi-Tech With Classic Sheepskin Cover

[corner-ad id=9]Santa Ana, CA — If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sheepskin seat covers are a prime example: they are soft, comfortable and add a level of cushion that some seats need… desperately. Royal Riding has combined the advantages of an old-school sheepskin with a hi-tech gel and contour cushion foam combination for an upgrade to the classic seat pad. “There are a number of advantages to genuine sheepskin wool,” explains Royal Riding’s Rod Derifield. “The hollow fibers are both breathable and a natural insulator to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Sheepskin is also able to absorb sweat seven times faster than synthetic fibers, while the lanolin found in wool is both water-resistant and an emollient moisturizer because it has a similar composition to human skin.” In addition to the comfort factors, sheepskin seat covers can protect seats from UV/sun damage and normal wear and tear issues. Wool is dirt and bacteria resistant. “It is even self-cleaning — just rinse it out and hang a sheepskin cover up to dry,” noted Derifield. Royal Riding has improved on all these excellent natural properties by upgrading the cover with combination gel and contour cushioning foam inserts inside the sheepskin cover. “It really is the best of both worlds,” he adds. “By combining the natural advantages of wool with gel’s superior vibration elimination, our goal is to allow people to ride farther with less pain for longer!”
Royal Riding Genuine Sheepskin Motorcycle Gel Seat Pads are available in six options — touring with tailbone relief, extra large, large with tailbone relief, large, medium and small — prices range from $59.99 to $129.99. Replacement sheepskins (no gel) are also available.
See the full range of classic sheepskin/gel/contour cushion pads here:
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About Royal Riding — Ride In Comfort… For Longer! Whether you are riding a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, quad, horse or just sitting outside for long periods of time, our mission is to provide comfortable, quality Gel Seat Pads so you can Ride Longer — Ride Like Royalty. With five standard sizes of motorcycle gel seat pads and three different cover options to meet your specific needs, Royal Riding has got you cushioned!