Tucker’s Twin Power Brand Introduces New Line of Performance Chemicals for V-Twin and Cruiser Markets

Ethanol Stabilizer, Brake and Contact Cleaners, Chain Wax deserve a place in every  
well-equipped shop and garage 
Fort Worth TX – July 6, 2021 – Twin Power has added a new line of high-performance chemicals to its product line and will begin shipping them to dealers this month. The new products are a welcome addition to the workbench for owners of V-Twins and Cruisers and riders concerned about this impact of ethanol on their bike’s components.  
The new offerings include ETHANOT! Ethanol Stabilizer, Chain Wax, Brake Cleaner and Contact Cleaner and are sourced from a US manufacturer of premium aerosols and chemicals. The products feature unique retro-styled packaging. 
“Having the right products to take care of your bike is important. That’s why we’ve worked hard to provide riders and dealer technicians with the best performing chemicals at a great price,” said James Simonelli, Brand Manager for Twin Power and Biker’s Choice brand products.   
Twin Power ETHANOT! Ethanol Stabilizer is a must-have for owners of carbureted and fuel-injected bikes. Each two-ounce bottle will treat and stabilize up to six gallons of fuel, protecting it for a full year. ETHANOT! protects the vehicle’s fuel system components from the harmful effects of ethanol and water by preventing ethanol separation, corrosion, and sludge during storage while keeping fuel injectors and components clean and preventing carbon deposits from forming. ETHANOT! is safe for use in all gasoline engines. It is sold to dealers in a convenient countertop dispenser box of 24 2-ounce bottles and retails for $4.95. (Twin Power part number 539061).  
“I do a lot of work in my own shop and am well aware of the detrimental effects of ethanol in today’s fuel,” continued Simonelli.  “I searched high and low for a product that really performs. Riders and dealers will love the benefits of ETHANOT!” 
Twin Power Chain Wax extends the life of chains and sprockets. It penetrates and protects against friction, wear, and corrosion. Twin Power Chain Wax is safe for use on all chains including O, X, and Z ring styles. Its clean formula resists flinging off onto other parts of the vehicle. A 10-ounce can retails for $9.95 Twin Power part number 539062 
Twin Power Brake Cleaner quickly and effectively dissolves and removes grease, oil, brake fluid, and other contaminants. It’s superior cleaning power extends beyond brakes. This versatile cleaner is low VOC, 50-state compliant and non-chlorinated. Riders will like the fantastic performance with no residue and love the refreshing orange scent!  Packaged in a 14-ounce can, this “gotta have” tool retails for $4.95. (Twin Power part number 539063). 
Twin Power Contact Cleaner is quick drying and leaves no residue. It is safe on most plastics, rubber, and metal and will not stain or corrode surfaces. Each 13.5-ounce can is 50-state compliant and sells for $6.95. (Twin Power part number 539064). 
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