Tiny Striders and Women Riders, and one Man

NEWS: We have 6 tiny Strider bikes built by women to be unveiled at the Flying Piston Breakfast – and a 7th built by some guy named Ron Finch 😉

See these little gems unveiled and meet their builders plus featured builders from Motorcycle As Art at the Flying Piston Builders Breakfast, Sunday, August 9th at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Crossroads. Tickets here: https://www.buffalochip.com/EVENTS/Special-Receptions/Flying-Piston-Breakfast and more at https://www.facebook.com/FlyingPistonBenefit/

IMHO, the women builders all have strong reach within car and bike circles. They are:

• Savannah Rose (formerly w S&S, social media maven) Pink and Silver Stingray
• Lena Fairless (Rick’s daughter) Pink Fairless Flyer
• Ashmore Ellis (Babes Ride Out) “Little Ripper” blue racer
• Cris Sommer Simmons (Women rider pioneer, author, Cannonball rider) Mini Board Tracker
• JoAnn Bortles (Crazy Horse Paint, SEMA and hot rods) Flamed, stretched chopper
• The team from WomenRidersNow, led by racer Erin Hunter Sills Daisy Bike• Ron Finch