The Swiss Custom scene is heading for its big- gest event: The latest news on Toeffmaess 2022.

Post by Motographer Horst Roesler

October 1st & 2nd 2022, Air Force Center Dübendorf/Switzerland

Swiss Custom Power is back in force! And it is heading for its own event, born from more than two decades of high-class custombike shows in one of the most solid markets in Europe. At the well known and well established eventsite of Dübendorf Air Force Center – organized by the team that made “Swiss Custom” the most popular part of Zuerich’s “Swiss Moto”. Switzerland’s top customiz- ers, Bikeshow and biker lifestyle action are granted – and TOEFFMAESS will combine the experience of ten years “Swiss Custom” with new ideas at a stylish location, historic in both aviation and motor- cycle history. Fact is: The Swiss Custom scene is “kickstarting” its business faster than the main- stream motorcycle market. TOEFFMAESS will showcase the best of Switzerland – and impact well beyond the borders of Switzerland!

The news came in spring 2022 – and it came at the right time: Switzerland is back – back in the Customizing business! Almost two years without fairs and indoor events have also made the Swiss scene “hungry”: For new custom bikes, for inspiration, for the opportunity to show the rolling works of art built in the last two years to the general public. O.K., neither the country nor the successful Swiss customizers, known worldwide for their excellent manufacturing quality, creativity and exceptional custom bikes had disappeared from the map in the last two years, but the future of a National Showcase for the Swiss Custom scene did not look promis- ing after the last “Swiss Moto” in Zuerich closed its doors in February 2020. Rumors soon spread that Swiss customizers and accompanying custom service providers would no longer be – albeit one of the crowd-pleas- ing and most popular parts – part of a future Swiss motorcycle show and trade fair…

Swiss customizers – like most of their countrymen and women – are a very special breed: Growing up in one of the most democratic countries in the world, they were quick to decide and ready to take their fate into their own hands. The result: TÖFFMÄSS. Already, the current exhibitor list reads like a “Who’s Who” of Swiss customizing: CCCP, Bobber Garage, McSands, Svencycles, American Bike Shop/Zodiac, Tomotos and The Rokker Company were among the early bookers, other well-known names like Bächli Motorcycle Heaven, Hostettler, Oil and Rust, a whole list of Honda dealers, KessTech, Harley-Davidson Zuerich and others have joined recently. With more to come.

With the riding season in full swing, Switzerlands customizers know the value of a well-timed event for the upcoming “customizing” months. There is no doubt that TÖFFMÄSS will be THE 2022 custombike event of Switzerland, if not for most of Europe. With a long established sense for the interests of Swiss motorcyclists, other bike themes will also be showcasing: Café Racer, Scrambler, Motorsport, Enduro and Moto Cross will be represented at Töffmäss, not least because Harley-Davidson’s “Pan American” has set a new “landmark” in a scene that has long been established by other motorcycle manufacturers. The MX-Accademy and FM Riding School will be exhibitors, where you can also book riding training with the big “Touring Enduros”, no: SEE MORE BY OPENING THE PDF BELOW.