Post & Images by Jack McIntyre

Every now & again you have one of those days that is simply “special” in life. Well, this was one of those days. September 16th, 2023, we were invited to FOX News in Manhattan to unveil the motorcycle that our shop, Johnny Mac’s Chopper House in Philadelphia, created for Dogs for our Brave to raise money so that wounded service personnel could receive a trained service dog for life (read more here DFOB.ORG). We took the ride up from Philadelphia at about 3am and we met up with Brigdgette McAuley, Director of Training, and Bryan Pieschel, Director of Veteran Services.

Two extremely committed people to the master plan of DFOB. Check out the broadcast below, courtesy of FOX News. .


The star of the show was obviously Jay, the next dog in training and he was spectacular. Jay is just about ready to be placed with a veteran and will be invaluable. We watched Jay all day long as Bridgette showed us all how Jay will keep his eyes on his master, pickup things that have fallen to the floor, retrieve a water bottle from the refrigerator, simple things that are so difficult for wounded veteran’s.

The crew at FOX News couldn’t have been more friendly to us all. Pete Hegseth, Will Cain, and Rachel Campus-Duffy were simply terrific along with all of the support cast. What can I say about Emily Compagno, she was the glue that brought us all together. With us from day one of the build, Emily came to Philly with her crew to our shop, helped weld the bike, then assisted airbrushing the DFOB logo on the gas tank. Total hands on with the eventual invite to NYC for again, what was an amazing day. From the news I received yesterday not 30 minutes after the broadcast, 1000 tickets were sold at $100.00 each… unheard of. That is the power of the FOX News family.

The DFOB “gala” in coming up this November where the winning ticket will be chosen for this custom motorcycle. Best of luck for all that purchased a ticket, and don’t forget to donate as you can, every penny is important. Enjoy the images.