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BUB 7 Streamliner Pilot Wanted

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Hey Bandit,I am breaking news about the BUB 7 Streamliner. I just posted the following to social media.

Denis Manning and the BUB 7 Racing Team are seeking a new Pilot for the BUB SEVEN Motorcycle Streamliner. If you meet the requirements below (please read completely before responding) and would like to be considered for the position, please…

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Triumph Thunderbird Custom by Von Dutch

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1958 Triumph Thunderbird Custom by Von Dutch


OPEN: Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 4pm
CLOSED: Sunday and Monday
Closing permanently Sept. 5, 2023

A young man in Los Angeles named Ken Howard began tinkering with his Indian Scout around…

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10 Most Expensive Bikes Sold At Mecum 2023

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by Janaki Jitchotvisut from and

10 Most Expensive Bikes Sold At The Mecum Las Vegas 2023 Auction
From Ace to Zundapp, rare prewar machines dominated the scene

It’s the end of January, 2023, and that means the yearly edition of Mecum Las Vegas just drew to a close. Cars,…

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The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame honors the most influential people in the motorcycleindustry, sport, and culture, to highlight their accomplishments and to promote the future of

motorcycling. On behalf of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame Board of Directors, I am

proud to announce our 2023 Hall of Fame…

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Higher Authority Bikernet Weekly News for February 2, 2023

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I receive numerous inspirational quotes from brothers here, in India and from Ray in Australia. I enjoy them, find solace, comfort and inspiration in seemingly troubled times.

Here’s the odd aspect and I say this a lot. These are the best of times. We have access to more…

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Motorcycle Streamliner: My Life in the Fastest Lane

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by Keith R. Ball with photos from the bookThis book is amazing because Denis’s life, always seeking the Fastest Lane was and is incredible. For Bonneville enthusiasts, this book is a must read.

Not only does it tell the trying stories around precarious run attempts, but it points out every pitfall to success on the salt. Denis also goes into…

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Highly Anticipated 2023 Mecum Auction Report

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by Bandit with photos from Mecum and Micah McCloskeyAre We Doomed or Kickin’ Ass?

Some feel the Las Vegas Mecum Motorcycle Auction is the Devil Incarnate. The money-making desire to flood the market with almost 2000 Vintage motorcycles in an unpredictable inflationary period could destroy the motorcycle industry and return us to where we…

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Extremely Rare 1908 Harley Strap Tank Auctioned for $850,000

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by Janaki Jitchotvisut from

It’s one of the finest examples of this model known to still exist in 2023.

When you’re talking about highly collectible motorcycles, there are a few makes that consistently come up. Vincent. Brough Superior. Henderson. Occasionally, a rarity among rarities makes its way to the…

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1951 Jacobsen Power Cycle Prototype Discovered

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by Bandit, Cabana Dan and the National Motorcycle MuseumA brother, Cabana Dan owns this bike. There were only ten built as prototypes to compete with the Whizzer kit motorbikes. Dan only knows of two and this is one of them. It’s been housed in the National Motorcycle Museum for years.

In the early years, the American motorcycle industry…

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