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Welcome to the PARIS CAFÉ RACER FESTIVAL 2018, Thrill of the year!

Story and Photos by ITN European Reporter Herve’ Rebollo

Salut à toi American rider,

This last Saturday, June 23, and Sunday, June 24, we were lucky enough having in the south suburb of Paris the 6th edition of the CAFE RACER FESTIVAL. And as usual, it has been a blast! Continue reading Welcome to the PARIS CAFÉ RACER FESTIVAL 2018, Thrill of the year!

Lowbrow Customs Founder Recaptures Land Speed Record

Tyler Malinky, founder and CEO of Lowbrow Customs, has successfully reclaimed a land speed record on his 1955 Triumph motorcycle. Starting his land speed racing career in 2010, he has set record speeds in five different classes, including the A-VG 750 record back in 2011. “It feels great to set a goal and then accomplish it, especially when that goal is difficult to achieve, such as a land speed record,” said Malinky.


The new record is 124.593 mph on his 1955 Triumph, which was originally only 33 horsepower at the crankshaft. Malinky’s custom-built race bike ‘Poison Ivy’ touts almost double the power and torque of the original. “Going fast is fun no matter what, but taking something slow and making it go faster than it should is what I enjoy,” said Malinky, “especially when I built it in my home garage out of swap meet junk, tubing and sheet metal.” The prior record, just over 1 mph slower, was set at Bonneville Speed Week in 2016 by the Cheetah race team out of Switzerland on a 1950’s Triumph motorcycle with a speed of 123.534 mph. They had increased the record from the 117.108 mph speed set on Poison Ivy by Malinky back in 2011.

“We’ll be back on the Salt in 2018 with Poison Ivy to bump up the speeds on this new gas record and try and take the fuel record as well” said Malinky, not missing a beat, “The real competition is between myself, my bike and the salt flats. The trouble with speed is that once you get going, you always want more.”


Bolt-On Hardtails for Vintage Triumph Motorcycles

lowbrow-customs-logo-2017Bobber, chopper or whatever you want to call it, a rigid rear section can transform your motorcycle. Made in Cleveland, Ohio, Lowbrow’s bolt-on Triumph hardtail does the job with the utmost quality and attention to detail, all while being affordably priced for home-builder or professional alike.

Lowbrow Customs hardtails bolt right up to your stock Triumph front frame section perfectly. These unit Triumph 650cc hardtails fit stock front frame sections 1963-1970 and are made from 1″ x .125″ wall crew tubing with 5/16″ thick axle plates. Just what you need for that Triumph bobber or chopper build, you aren’t going to find a nicer hard tail anywhere. Lowbrow Customs unit Triumph hardtails are approximately a 4″ stretch over stock wheelbase, and a 2″ drop (that is, 2 inches lower) versus a stock frame. Made in the USA. Lowbrow-Customs-Unit-Triumph-Hardtail-bikeLowbrow-Customs-Unit-Triumph-Hardtail-3 Lowbrow-Customs-Unit-Triumph-Hardtail-2 Lowbrow-Customs-Unit-Triumph-Hardtail-1

Lowbrow Customs’ bolt-on Triumph hardtails are $249.95 and are in stock and ready to ship today. For more details or to place your order call toll-free 1-855-456-9276 or visit www.lowbrowcustoms.com

Lowbrow Customs is run by a tight-knit crew based in Brunswick, Ohio, USA and has been at the forefront of design in custom motorcycle parts for bobbers and choppers since 2004.

Heavy Duty Motor Stands Make Rebuilding your Twin Cam or Triumph A Breeze

Adding to their existing line of heavy-duty engine stands, Lowbrow Customs just released designs for the Harley-Davidson Twin Cam A, Twin Cam B, and Unit Triumph motorcycle engines. The heavy gauge steel construction and durable black powder coat make Lowbrow Motor Stands simple to use and stand up to use and abuse for professional shops and the home tinkerer alike. Perfect for cradling your motor for a rebuild or whilst you work on your trusty steed. The engraved aluminum machine tag keeps your stands sorted. Proudly made in Ohio, U.S.A.

Twin Cam A Motor Stand (’99-’15 Twin Cam ‘A’ Motors), SKU 004369, $69.95
Twin Cam B Motor Stand (’00-’15 Twin Cam ‘B’ Motors), SKU 004370, $69.95
Triumph Motor Stand (All 650 / 750 c.c. Unit Triumphs), SKU 004371, $69.95

Available world-wide, 24/7 via www.lowbrowcustoms.com or call toll-free 1-855-456-9276


View and save (right click > save as) photos here (clipped PSDs available upon request):

All Three Stands Photo
Twin Cam A Motor Stand
Twin Cam B Motor Stand
Triumph Motor Stand
Lowbrow Customs Logo

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