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Nash Builds a Knockout by Taber Nash

4by Taber Nash

Had a customer walk in one day with a pile of parts. Dropped them in my lap and said, build me something low.
I cut up the frame first. Had a Harley dirt bike tank that I made into a fuel/oil tank. 15” wheels and a lot more fab work and here it is.
The paint scheme” An old 1920s race car I saw had “OK” on the side of it. Wanted the other side to mirror the OK and that’s the KO.

-80” Shovel Head with an S&S super E carb
-4 speed kick only trans
-hand clutch /hand shift
-mid foot controls

Interested? Contact:
Taber Nash
Nash Motorcycle Company

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The 2017 NMC Slugger Pegs!

Revamped from the original Slugger Pegs but with the same look! The new Slugger Pegs will mount right to your stock peg mounts! 5 1/2″ over all length, same baseball bat end look gives you that shorter peg look while locking in your feet with the rolled ends. Made from 100% aluminum with steal inserts for strength. Available in Raw,  Black, and Chrome finish.

Visit the Nash Motorcycle Co. site with this direct link to the pegs!


Please note these pegs will not fit the following HD models

13-17′ FXSB/SE, 11-13′ FXS, 08-11 FXCW/C, 13-17 XL1200V/XL1200C/XL1200CX