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Biking Euro Style Coming to IRON TRADER NEWS

By Marilyn Stemp

Above: New contributor from France, Herve’ Rebollo, and ITN editor Marilyn Stemp

“Your magazine was better known here than you may know,” said my longtime friend, Motographer Horst Rossler from Germany.

It was 2014, and Horst and I were at the Custom bike Show in Bad Salzuflun, Germany looking at the rows of stunning bikes displayed. Horst was commiserating with me on the recent news that IronWorks, the title founded by my late husband Dennis Stemp and I, would cease publication.

A similar message came to me at that time from French rider and writer Herve’ Rebollo, who postd to a European riding forum about IRON WORK’s legacy. I was as surprised to read this as I’d been by Horst’s comments – but gratified to learn that IronWorks had enjoyed such reach internationally.

Ironically, the demise of IronWorks was the catalyst for Herve’ and I to connect, after he reached out by email and we met for coffee when I came through Paris in November, 2015. That’s when I learned what an avid rider he is and how often he rides for transportation as much as recreation. In fact, he arrived for our meeting on his motorcycle, removing his riding suit to reveal a businessman’s coat and tie, necessary in his professional life.

It has become clear that Herve’ rides – a lot! And he enjoys recording his rides in words and photos. So we’re delighted to welcome Herve’ as the newest contributor to Iron Trader News, offering our readers a look at the European V-Twin culture first hand. We expect you’ll enjoy his charming stories as much as we do.

As writers, we send out words to the world but we seldom know where they land. Apparently, sometimes they have an impact. Please enjoy Herve’s words on Iron Trader News.


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