“Ride Dottie Ride” Earns $15,000 + For Charity

“Ride Dottie, Ride!,” a charitable campaign to benefit the Antique Motorcycle Foundation and the Colon Cancer Alliance, conceived and executed by motorcycle enthusiast Dottie Mattern, has raised more than $15,000 to benefit the 2 non-profit organizations.

The project began about a year ago when 69-year-old motorcycle enthusiast Dottie Mattern, of Asheville, North Carolina, decided to ride the grueling 2014 Cannonball Coast-to-Coast Motorcycle Ride aboard her 1936 Indian Scout. Beyond the aspect of a personal challenge, Mattern used her ride to solicit charitable contributions for 2 of her favorite organizations. As a long-time antique motorcycle enthusiast and as a colon cancer survivor, she chose the Antique Motorcycle Foundation, Inc. and the Colon Cancer Alliance, Inc. as beneficiaries.

Mattern’s “Ride Dottie, Ride!” campaign raised a total of $15,923.25 in charitable contributions. With a little help from third-party sponsors, Dottie personally financed the ride (fuel, hotels, food, motorcycle maintenance, crew expenses). Additionally, the Antique Motorcycle Foundation allocated $7,372.46 for “Ride Dottie, Ride!” promotional costs, including brochures, advertising, and insurance. The net proceeds of $8550.79 were divided equally between the Antique Motorcycle Foundation, Inc. and the Colon Cancer Alliance, Inc. in the amount of $4275.40 each.

Mattern was 1 of only 4 women among the over 100 motorcyclists who rode their antique motorcycles more than 4,000 miles from Daytona Beach, Florida to Tacoma, Washington in 16 days. Mattern maintained a perfect score for 15 of the 16 days, finishing the top woman in the marathon event. To underscore this achievement, she turned 70 years old just weeks after crossing the finish line.

Source: Antique Motorcycle Foundation
Image by Jim Dohms
Posted by Sam Kanish

Dottie Mattern
Dottie Mattern