Paughco Special: Springers Won’t Break the Bank

Paughco’s all new, all American Made “Special Springers” provide a

low-cost alternative for custom bike builders who demand USA

craftsmanship at an easy to live with price. These Special Springers feature sandblasted steel components and welded-only finish, no polishing and solid half round rear legs for a no frills hand crafted appearance. Lengths offered include standard 27” and plus 3” for 30” overall. You also have your choice of narrow and wide widths. All t3 shown here are wide versions. The unique high quality front ends are available in gloss black, textured satin black, and red powder paint with tumble finish, chrome springs and rocker studs. Additionally each unit comes with a standard top clamp and dual brake tabs for single or dual discs. Optional items such as axles, fender mounts and shocks are offered at additional cost. And get this, these awesome springers featuring Paughco’s world renowned quality and attention to detail retail for a mere $699.95 each!! For additional details and ordering information visit or call direct to 775-246-5738

NARROW                 WIDE

180STSPB                 181STSPB     Stock length – Gloss Black

180-3SPB                 181-3SPB     3″ over stock – Gloss Black

180STSPTB              181STSPTB  Stock length – Satin Textured Black

180-3SPTB               181-3SPTB   3″ over stock – Satin Textured Black

180STSPR                 181STSPR     Stock length – Gloss Red

180-3SPR                 181-3SPR     3″ over stock – Gloss Red

front ends