“Off The Hook Apparel”

One of the catch phrases that has been popular over the years is “multipurpose”. Meaning an item that can be used for more purposes than it was originally designed for in totally unrelated areas. Now I know many motorcyclists in my area who, when they’re not riding their bike like to hit the water and go boating. Now those guys and girls who like to do both have some apparel they can wear when they go from doing one to the other. Montauk Tackle makes a “performance” line of long sleeve shirts, women’s hoodie, and a funnel neck men’s shirt that you can wear straight from enjoying sea breezes to being in the wind. The fabrics they use in these items are lightweight, provide sun protection, wick moisture, and are rugged. They’re built for abuse and they’re Made In the U.S.A. For more info go to

Source and image: Montauk Tackle Company, Inc.
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funnel neck men’s shirt
multi-purpose funnel neck men’s shirt