Killer Lowbrow Art Artists Interviews with Lisa Kosarko Sotero & Kelly Campanile

A brush with… Artists Lisa Kosarko Sotero & Kelly Campanile on their Lowbrow Art proclivities.

While attending the Flying Piston Benefit Builders Breakfast, we see a lot of artists embracing Lowbrow Art that is auctioned off at the annual silent auction in Daytona.

Lowbrow art is a style of art that is often associated with popular culture, counterculture, and underground scenes. It is characterized by a focus on pop culture themes, humor, and a DIY aesthetic.

Lowbrow art can take many forms, including painting, illustration, sculpture, and graphic design. We see it inspired by popular culture, such as movies, music, and television, and can be seen to subvert or satirize mainstream culture. Lowbrow art is often associated with the punk and underground art scenes, and being rebellious or outsider.

So we asked these two exceptional Lowbrow Artists what they think of the king of Lowbrow Art.

Lisa Kosarko Sotero: What does Big Daddy Roth mean to you?—”I just love Ed Roth. He’s a favorite because I just love the Rat Fink. Ed and other lowbrow artists are also big influences,” stated Lisa.

Kelly Campanile: What does Big Daddy Roth mean to you?—Keep it weird,” explained Kelly.

Kelly’s style of art is pop surrealism and is characterized by her use of unconventional subject matter and its incorporation of elements from popular culture, such as comics, advertising, and kitsch. She shows a humorous or irreverent tone and uses bright, bold colors and exaggerated cartoonish forms.

East coast artist, Lisa Kosarko Sotero, is an illustrator, sculpture, tattoo design artist, Lowbrow art lover, and craft beer label artist. She is enthusiastic about her  NFT FunkyFlies project featuring her hand drawn art which sold out its OG collection in less than a month.


Kelly and Lisa are Official 2023 Daytona Bike Week “Art On Deck” artists.


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