Gray Ghost News Update

ITN’s friend “Jimbo”Fischer has sent us a Gray Ghost news update about their trip to the Loring Timing Association’s LTA Maine Event, a Premier Land Speed Racing venue in northern Maine, that was held July 18 – 20. Here’s Jimbo’s update:

“The Gray Ghost II project had a successful weekend at the LTA Maine Event!track/c3fg

The 1st pass out sporting a new fairing with some diagonal winds turned in a 167.45 in the mile & a 172.451 in the 1 1/2 mile and gave Jimbo some valuable saddle experience. After talking over speed & RPM numbers, Warner pulled out his calculator and did his magic, coming up with a new gear ratio to run. So a gear change was made & we prepped for day two.

Day two – near perfect conditions, upper 70’s little to no winds. First pass out a miss shift on the 2 – 3 turned in a 173.562 in the mile and a 178.161 for the 1 & 1/2 mile. Back in the pits, eat a little humble pie, check oil, gas, and a quick look over for loose anything, and get back into staging. Pass two, the Gray Ghost is singing now – a decent take off and all shift points hit on RPM targets gave us a new class record for APS-PF 1650 with a 177.985 for the mile, and a 185.119 for the mile & half. – Jimbo’s personal best so far on his S&S SuperStock Sportster. The decision was made to enter in the APS-PG 1650 class and a second set of records was established at 177.194 at the mile, and a 184.096 at the mile and half.

Having a full two days so far of non stop action, a discussion was had, and the decision to remove the fairing and challenge the existing A-PG 1650 class records of 171.26 for the mile and 171.165 for the mile and half. So with some help from my loving wife Babs, we removed the fairing and prepped for the final day. The Gray Ghost was sounding really happy now, and with the best start of the weekend, the rest of the run was picture perfect and turned in new record breaking numbers at 174.623 for the mile and a 177.945 at the mile and half.

If this event proved one thing for us – It’s the endurance and unmitigated potential of the S&S 100 cu. in. SuperStock Sportster engine. With just a mild freshin up – Its time to get ready for our annual pilgrimage to the meca of Land Speed Racing – the Bonneville Salt Flats, for the AMA BUB Land Speed Trials August 23 – 28. A must attend, all motorcycle only event.

A big thanks to George Smith for having faith in our project, and to all the super talent at S&S – Justin Bramsetd, Steve Rominski, Jeff Bailey, Dan Kinsey, Nevin, Gene Dlask, you guys & S&S Rock the Performance scene. Laurie Jane at Magnetrol Flow & Control, you help make it happen.

Thank you Warner & Babs, I know this was a tough trip to make, but we did it !

The Gray Ghost Project
Riley – Fischer & Witt”

Source and image: Jim”Jimbo”Fischer
Posted by Sam Kanish