Exile Cycle’s Updated Internal Throttle Assembly

According to Russ Mitchell at Exile Cycles, his recently updated Internal Throttle Assembly is absolutely essential for any self-respecting custom bike—and as a custom builder with decades of experience, he should know. The assembly is beautifully engineered and made in the USA with smooth, roller-bearing action. Priced at a reasonable $199, it’s the kind of modification that not only results in a super clean look but functions seamlessly, too.

2014 Exile Cusrom with Russell, Throttle Assy.The unit installs in the end of your bike’s handlebars eliminating the visible throttle housing and allowing the throttle cable to be routed inside the bars. Choose from two twist-sleeve diameters. The standard diameter matches the stock Harley-Davidson plastic throttle sleeve and works with any same-diameter grip. A smaller diameter twist-sleeve has been developed for use with popular after-market billet grips that typically replace the stock throttle sleeve.

The Internal Throttle Assembly is generally supplied for use with stock 1” handlebar tubing, but other insert diameters can be provided on request. A left-side version is also available as part of Exile’s clever Twist Clutch Assembly.

Exile Cycles ships worldwide every day and accepts MC, Visa and PayPal.,, 818-706-1230.