Enerpulse Introduces Pulstar PlasmaCore Plugs

Enerpulse Technologies has developed a breakthrough product with bigger spark, more power and longer life by adding PlasmaCore to its line of Pulstar Pulse Plugs. Representing the 4th generation of the product, Pulstar with PlasmaCore Pulse Plugs benefit from a bigger spark that results in more engine power and extended plug life. This provides the aftermarket with the next generation of its popular alternative to conventional spark plugs.

Pulstar with PlasmaCore Pulse Plugs have a patented capacitor in the core that stores energy from a vehicle’s ignition coil and just before sparking the PlasmaCore Pulse Plugs release this energy in a quick and powerful burst. This forms a fuel-sensitizing plasma field that produces more than 5,000,000 watts of peak power within a few nanoseconds. Conventional spark plugs only produce 50 watts of ignition power.

“The Pulstar plasma field sensitizes the fuel mixture, ensuring instantaneous ignition which burns the fuel more quickly and efficiently,” says Lou Camilli, the inventor of Pulstar Pulse Plugs and the president and CTO of Enerpulse Technologies. “A faster burn consumes the same amount of fuel more quickly, creating consistent cycle-to-cycle combustion to produce higher average horsepower and torque and quicker throttle response.”

Camilli says every product goes through product refinements, but the changes from generation three to generation four of the product were significant. Enerpulse has discovered how to utilize a larger electrode which “almost doubled our energy efficiency.” He says the product brings “intelligent energy management” to the spark plug market.

This bigger spark allows Pulstar with PlasmaCore Pulse Plugs to utilize a larger electrode, which Camilli says is “something spark plug makers have used for decades because it extends plug life.” A larger electrode, in conjunction with a bigger spark, further improves ignition consistency.

A relatively small number of SKUs accommodate more than 70% of late model vehicles on the road today so retailers and distributors who stock Pulstar with PlasmaCore Pulse Plugs can benefit by freeing-up valuable shelf space.

Enerpulse Technologies has developed and commercialized the first real breakthrough in spark plug technology in over 120 years. For more information on the complete line of Pulstar with PlasmaCore Pulse Plugs for automotive, motorcycle and powersports applications, phone 888-800-6700 or visit

Source and Image: Enerpulse Technologies

Posted by Sam Kanish