Chix on 66 Teams Up with

December 2, 2021—The Riveter Chapter of the AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America)
proudly announces that leading motorcycle publication (WRN) has been
named Premier Media Partner for the “Chix on 66” event June 11-25, 2022. This partnership will
enable extensive media coverage for the ride, bringing the excitement of this amazing cross-
country journey to WRN readers worldwide. editor Tricia Szulewski will be joining the ride, providing day-to-day
social media updates as well as pre- and post-event coverage. Tricia is a veteran moto-journalist
who has worked with some of the top motorcycle magazines in the U.S.
Chix on 66 is a cross-country ride that follows Route 66 from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica,
California. This is the classic American journey on classic machines, with some women riding
vintage motorcycles, and others making the trip on modern mounts. Each day the group will
begin and end together, but each woman will make the journey what she wants it to be. Instead
of riding in a single pack, a turn-by-turn app will allow each rider to follow the route at her own

Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea says, “When I first started riding—actually, even before
I got my endorsement—I subscribed to the WRN newsletter. That was the first suggestion that
there were, indeed, other women who rode, because I did not know any. To be able to introduce as our premier media partner, all these years after I first subscribed to its
newsletter, is a great honor. I am looking forward to working with WRN to create an inspiring
and powerful experience for the women who join us for Chix on 66.” is the #1 (number one) resource for motorcycling news and reviews from
a female perspective. WRN is a web magazine and its content is available to read online for free.
The publication shares the latest in motorcycles, gear, products, and articles specifically for
women riders and those who ride with them. editor Tricia Szulewski,
comments, “Women’s motorcycle events like the Chix on 66 ride create special opportunities to
form lasting bonds with other women riders and those who support them without judgement or intimidation.

When women get together in like-minded groups they feel more comfortable about
openly sharing their stories, issues, fears, and triumphs. This leads to more than just friendships.
It paves the way for having more confidence and empowerment—from becoming a better rider,
to being inspired to troubleshoot mechanical problems, or to simply make the decision to ride
with or without a partner.” She adds, “I’ve been fortunate to have ridden in many different parts
of the country, but never the length of Route 66. When the opportunity to ride with a group of
really cool chicks—many on vintage motorcycles—came along, I jumped at the chance! There is
nothing like the feeling of riding into town and watching heads turn as everyone realizes it’s all
women riding the motorcycles.

WRN is excited to chronicle many of the participants’ stories before, during, and after the ride.
Besides featuring daily Chix on 66 posts on its Facebook and Instagram channels, WRN will
showcase many of the Riveters on its web site. Please sign up for WRN’s free monthly newsletter
( to stay informed. @chixon66 @chixon66