Chix at the Crossroads Announces Sponsorship Opportunities!

November 1, 2023—The Riveter Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America is announcing sponsorship opportunities for its Chix at the Crossroads event to be held June 15-June 28, 2024. The Riveter Chapter is the first woman-focused chapter of the AMCA, with the mission of giving women motorcyclists an increased awareness of their own history, and an enhanced vision of their future in motorcycling.

We are now accepting sponsorships in various forms (i.e., motorcycle-related products and apparel) and monetary levels, some of which are described in our marketing deck. Sponsorship of this event can benefit you or your organization in many ways, such as wide exposure through our social media and various print and online media outlets, as well as your company logo and/or product placement during this ride and other chapter events, your logo on all Chix at the Crossroads promotional materials and selected merchandise, your company’s handout collateral (if supplied) at Chix events, products or materials on display (if available), booth signage, mail or email list registration when applicable, and photos (provided on request).

The Chix at the Crossroads event blends the riders’ passion for motorcycles with a passion for music, which will be explored experientially throughout the entire route. And like our 2022 ride, Chix on 66, this event represents classic Americana. From Appalachia to the Natchez Trace to the Blues Highway, these women will have the experience of a lifetime, and you can help them achieve that! Your support will also support our mission to challenge and inspire riders to reach for goals they may never have considered previously.

Any company, organization, or individual who is interested in sponsorship opportunities, or would like to receive a copy of the Chix at the Crossroads marketing deck, can email Riveter Chapter board member/Chix sponsorship chairperson Marjorie Kleiman at
Facebook: @ChixVintageRiders
Instagram: @ChixVintageRiders