Bean’re Is on the road again, this time, CUBA!

Post by Jack McIntyre:  You may scratch your head & wonder how this guy does what he does, goes where he goes… but in the end, he makes it happen. Bean’re, if you are not aware, carries the title “The Mayor of Fun”. For decades he has been a nomad in the motorcycle industry, traveling all over the world reporting back through social media & his own website. His recent trip to Vietnam was one of the most picturesque adventures that I have ever seen. His coverage of their beautiful country and the local lifestyle was something that kept me eagerly awaiting his next post.

So it’s now a new year & he’s at it again. Bean’re is in Cuba, and the images coming back are already vibrant. I’m looking forward to his every move so if you want to take a better look, follow him on facebook or visit his EVERYTHING BEAN’RE website.