Bare Knuckle Performance Releases Pioneer Adventure Bag System For Harley-Davidson Softail & FXR’s

The freedom of the open road for V-Twin riders now includes dirt roads to remote camp spots with more scenery and thrills than can ever be found on overcrowded highways.

Helping V-Twin riders reach these destinations is the Pioneer Adventure Bag System from Bare Knuckle Performance, the ultimate weatherproof security, and utility saddlebag for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The Pioneer Adventure Bag System allows you to quickly change your bike from the “around town cruiser” to the long-distance mile crusher in just minutes.

Featuring SW Motech Trax ADV saddlebags with BKP proprietary mounting brackets,

The Pioneer Adventure Bag System provides the security and weatherproof storage adventurous V-Twin riders demand. In addition, the quick latching system allows the freedom to take each bag off the bike in just seconds and carry it to a campsite or hotel room.

Life’s short; we hit the road for adventure and fun and realized a need for a saddlebag to stand up to the hell we put our bikes through. The Pioneer Adventure Bag System is exactly the answer for those of us that like to ride hard and don’t stop when the pavement ends.” Paul Wideman, CEO of Bare Knuckle Performance, stated.

The pioneer Adventure Bag System is available on the Bare Knuckle Performance website for $1,750 and includes FREE SHIPPING. Pioneer Adventure Bag System fits 2018+ Harley-Davidson Softail and all FXR’s and is available in both Silver and Black in both 37 and 45 liter. New fitments to be added soon, including all model year Dyna’s, as well as Sportster and Touring models. Bags made in Germany, brackets and mounting hardware made in the USA.

About Bare Knuckle Performance

Undefeated in high-performing USA-made motorcycle parts created to go round for round, Bare Knuckle Performance is a family-owned business based in Hawk Point, Missouri. “BKP” proudly offers innovation with a purpose; engineering motorcycle parts for those that ride hard and wrench on their machines.

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