Avon Offers Bikers Better Backup

Getting more but not paying more is seldom a bad thing! And Avon Tyres recently announced two ways they’re backing up bikers with added benefits but no added cost.

First Avon announced a new road hazard warranty program offering free replacement of any new tire (excluding non-D.O.T. approved race tires) for accidental, puncture or impact damage. The buyer completes a form with the Avon dealer at the time of purchase and if the tire become unserviceable as a result of qualified tire damage, including punctures during the first 1mm of tread wear, a replacement will be offered at no charge.

“We believe that our tires meet the highest standards, but we understand that accidental damage can happen,” said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America. “If a tire is damaged soon after purchase during normal use, we’ll replace it – free.”

Next, there’s a new 15,000-mile limited treadwear warranty program on the company’s popular Cobra touring tires and Storm 3D X-M sport touring tires. If the tread wears to the treadwear indicators within the first 15,000 miles of normal use, the company will award a credit adjustment in the form of a prepaid card for the unused mileage. Available on tires purchased in the U.S. and Canada, the warranty covers the tire for a maximum of two years from the date of purchase.

Valid in the U.S. and Canada. See your Avon dealer or the links noted here.