Arrow Mfg. Tail Lights ⚰️ Made in Milwaukee 🇺🇸

Arrow Mfg

Artisan Lights Manufactured With ❤️ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Arrow Mfg. is a Milwaukee-based artisan parts brand committed to:
  1. producing small-batch custom parts
  2. using new technologies
  3. with ancient casting processes
The devil is in the details with Arrow Mfg. parts! They are well-thought-out designs featuring a cast aluminum housing and proprietary LED board (which is super freakin’ bright!)
The clear lens can be dyed (dye not included) in custom colors to match your bike, and the red LED will still light it up so you are seen (and legal)!
Super-bright Mini Coffin tail light has style for days and lets you be seen all night long.
The clear lens Dyme Piece Tail Light has a red LED, and the clear lens can be dyed any custom color you want! A weld-on mounting tab is included, making installation straight-forward.
A stainless steel mounting bracket is included with the Mini Coffin tail light, which makes for a super easy mounting solution.