Arch Motorcycle Company Readies KRGT-1 For Launch

In October of 2012 Arch Motorcycle Company was formed with the intent to build the ultimate performance-oriented, American v-twin motorcycle. AMC spent the next two years quietly working to deliver on that promise, and they are now just days away from launch. On September 4, 2014 they will launch their new website with full specs and details on ordering their first model, the KRGT-1. Along the way, every aspect of the original prototype was revisited to maximize performance, aesthetics, reliability and serviceability in the production version. When the smoke cleared the only surviving component was the front tire, and that decision is still under review.

The KRGT-1, AMC’s first production model, defies classification by today’s standards. Creating an ultra-exclusive American v-twin production motorcycle equally adept at long freeway runs, and local canyon carving, was a lofty goal. Equally important, the bike needed to strike a provocative pose from all angles under all conditions. These rigid requirements provided the baseline performance criteria for our drive from prototype to production.

From the beginning, they agreed to spare no expense or effort to bring them closer to their goal. One example of this commitment is the unique downdraft intake system. This proprietary design eliminates the bulky breather assembly found on nearly all American v-twins. It increases rider comfort and provides a sleeker, more ergonomic profile. Arch spent months working closely with S&S Cycle and K&N Engineering to perfect a package that could be hidden between the billet aluminum gas tanks and still keep the T124 engine properly aspirated. Finally, matching air dams were machined and positioned to frame the billet aluminum headlight assembly. “A downdraft system made much more sense for this kind of motorcycle, and it helped deliver the clean lines and ride experience we needed”, said co-founder Gard Hollinger.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for more insight and imagery around the building of the very first Arch. Additional information is available via their website:, Twitter:, and Facebook page:

The KRGT-1, years in the making, just days from the street.

Source and images: Arch Motorcycle Company
Posted by Sam Kanish