ALPHONSE MARCEL: the French Steampunk style Illustrator Master.

Story and Photos by ITN European Reporter Herve’ Rebollo.

Salut à toi American rider,

You remember that I use to meet international artists who dedicate their art (or part of it) to the world of motorcycles. I have such admiration for them, I love their world, their imagination, their talent so much.

Today, I have the immense pleasure and pride of presenting to you a French artist of whom I am definitively an absolute fan: ALPHONSE MARCEL!!!

Year after year, his fabulous talent pushed him to create an incredible SIFI world …

… and Steampunk world.

PARIS, very often uses its streets as setting (but NYC, L.A. and many other famous international cities wide world).

ALPHONSE MARCEL has become a master of illusion in the world of automobile and motorcycle mechanics.

His latest creations are so realistic that he is able to make you believe that his motorcycles (and cars, trains, cities,  …) are real.

So … Alphonse Marcel is a French artist (born in Paris) whose work is at the fascinating intersection of steampunk, dieselpunk, atompunk, and cyberpunk aesthetics.

For over twenty years, Alphonse has mastered the art of creating 3D synthetic images, a skill that has distinguished him in the artistic field and beyond. His professional journey has been marked by significant collaboration with French television, where he has been able to marry his talent with his passion for history by writing and directing historical documentaries.

This synergy between his love for history and his attraction to the diverse subcultures of steampunk has fueled his desire to create works that explore the boundaries between the past, present, and future, blending historical reality with dystopian visions.

Alphonse has also developed a deep admiration for the United States, particularly California and Los Angeles, cities he has visited repeatedly. These visits have reinforced his desire to further explore the country, nurturing his dream of embarking on a family road trip from New York to Los Angeles.

Imagining this journey as a timeless adventure, he plans to rent two classic cars from the 50s, such as Chevrolets or Cadillacs, thus providing his family with an unforgettable experience rooted in the retro aesthetic he dearly cherishes. This travel project, combining exploration and nostalgia, reflects his love for retrofuturistic design and mid-20th century American culture.

Alphonse’s passion for motorcycles occupies a central place in his life and art. An admirer of Harley Davidson, which he considers the quintessence of the touring motorcycle, he is particularly drawn to vintage models with single-seat saddles, emblematic of the 40s and 50s.

Motorcycles such as the Vincent Black Shadow, the Indian Big Chief, and the FL 1200 “Knucklehead” captivate his imagination and inspire his creative work.

These machines, merging beauty and engineering, serve as a bridge between the rich historical heritage of motorcycling and the imaginary futures Alphonse explores through his designs.

The motorcycle race is not in the center of its artwork, but Alphonse regularly pays his tribute to racers.

His commitment to creating unique motorcycle designs caught the attention of the Buell brand, which solicited him to develop several innovative graphic concepts.

This partnership underscores Alphonse’s recognition as a visionary creator, capable of merging classic motorcycle heritage with futuristic aesthetics inspired by science-fiction works like the animated movie “Akira.”

His ability to navigate between the past and future, while paying homage to motorcycle icons, solidifies his reputation in the motorcycle design world.

At the heart of Alphonse Marcel’s work lies a profound respect for history and a relentless quest for innovation.

Through his artistic explorations and travels, he weaves connections between eras, cultures, and technologies, thus illustrating the infinite potential of human creativity.

His story is that of an artist who, through his work, invites on a journey through time, where nostalgia for the past and dreams of a utopian future meet in a dazzling visual harmony.

In fact, Alphonse Marcel is also a company which has been created around 2018. When he started Alphonse Marcel, he was alone. Today a team has been formed, and they are 4 crazy freelance team.

Some of them have more than twenty years of experience and have gone through renowned Art schools. They are passionate about all styles of Steampunk, Cyberpunk or Diesel-punk.

They have been Parisians for several generations. Their ancestors were sculptors, they worked with their hands and tools, the current team took over with its computers. They continue the traditions while respecting the values ​​of their ancestors. Work, rigor and perseverance.

In the gang, some designers adore the military of the early twentieth century and many others fantasize about industrial art and new romantics art. The eclecticism of the group is one of its strengths.

When they discovered the 3d printing, it was fascinating, for the first time in their life they​​ actually touched their virtual objects. When they began to create objects for 3d printing, they considered it to be a new media, it is a revolution like the invention of printing by Gutenberg.

They are all 3D professionals; their daily job is to make 3D computer graphics for historical films and documentaries broadcast all around the world.

It explains why their historical objects are made on the basis of period documents, archives and checked by international historians.

Next time you will spend some days in Paris, I’ll take you to visit ALPHONSE MARCEL company in their district the 11th arrondissement.

Hervé your French biker friend.