New SMARTY PAKs = 2X Trouble for Rust + “Scoop” on a New Partnership

Two for One Rust Prevention

The SMARTY PAK™ is ARMOR’s new double-duty rust prevention secret weapon. We developed the SMARTY PAK specifically for use in environments where both moisture control and vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI) are required to adequately protect metal from rust. When these new rust-prevention power PAKs are in use, metal parts are protected in two ways as the ARMOR SMARTY PAK not only removes moisture and humidity, it also releases corrosion-inhibiting vapors to prevent rust.

In simplest terms, SMARTY PAKs are one-part emitter and one-part desiccant. They emit ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology™ (a “secret formula” for vapor corrosion inhibitor) to form a protective shield on the surface of metal and they adsorb moisture to remove it from the packaging or storage environment. This give-and-take feature is the “deadly-duo of rust prevention.”

Wonder what it is that really gives the SMARTY PAK its “smarts?” ARMOR uses a specialty desiccant in its design – this specialty desiccant not only adsorbs moisture faster than traditional desiccants, but it holds on to the moisture even at high temperatures. Smarter yet, SMARTY PAKs are available in three sizes, they deliver multi-metal protection, and they are non-dusting and lint-free making them ideal for use in applications where fibrous packaging materials are not allowed

Gilby’s 2019 Flying Piston Strider Custom

Todd Gilby Gilbertson of Gilby’s Street Department
Story by Diane “Shadow’s Wife” Jones

Initially, Donnie Smith was on task to create a custom Strider Custom for the Flying Piston Benefit. However, as the time drew near, circumstances conspired to keep it from happening. But as happens in our motorcycle community, Donnie’s friend Todd “Gilby” Gilbertson, graciously stepped up and took on the project in the last few weeks before the deadline. Continue reading Gilby’s 2019 Flying Piston Strider Custom