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Paul Yaffe’s Strider Custom

Paul w bike at BreakfastWhen Paul Yaffe texted me a picture of Low Brow’s peanut gas tank and asked if I could procure one for his Strider custom, it threw me off at first. I politely confirmed that he was aware of the fact that Strider balance bikes didn’t have engines (yes, he’d noticed) – then reached out to Tyler at Low Brow. Continue reading Paul Yaffe’s Strider Custom


MILWAUKEE (August 21, 2018) Less than a month after announcing plans for future product in new-to-the-brand categories and a commitment to advance its heavyweight Touring and Cruiser models, Harley-Davidson® introduces a number of technology advancements that elevate performance, function and style across the 2019 Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike motorcycle lines.


Rick Fairless’s Strider Rider Custom

Rick Fairless’s far out, tie-dyed sensibilities belie his early adopter attitude. See, there’s nothing retro about Rick’s awareness of cool opportunities. That’s why the Flying Piston Builders Breakfast organizers (Jeff Najar and Marilyn Stemp) were delighted but not surprised that Rick stepped up before anyone else to customize a Strider balance bike to be unveiled at the 4th annual Sturgis Buffalo Chip breakfast event.BC3_8939BC3_8944 BC3_8953 BC3_9005 Continue reading Rick Fairless’s Strider Rider Custom

Indian Motorcycle announcing that it will indeed be bringing an FTR 1200 to market

The bike takes inspiration from Indian’s dominating flat track racing bike, the FTR750 and the FTR1200 Custom concept bike. That said, the new bike is truly designed for the street, taking cues from its predecessors but with a street-focused look that’s all its own. No official launch date has been released yet. That said, the FTR 1200 will be part of Indian Motorcycle’s 2019 product line.
Ever since the FTR750 hit the track, racing fans and motorcycle enthusiasts have been clamoring for a street version that they could call their own. That anticipation intensified this past year with the debut of the FTR1200 Custom, which has traveled to dozens of motorcycle shows, teasing riders across the globe.
Indian also announced a sweepstakes surrounding the FTR 1200 that will give riders the chance to enter to win one of the first bikes off the assembly line. Riders can visit the corresponding URL for a chance to win the highly anticipated new model. 
EMEA and Australia (select country in the upper right-hand corner):
With so much anticipation and speculation around this bike over the last few months, we thought this news would be something exciting to share with your readers. Not only to let them know about the announcement, but to give them a chance to enter to win one themselves.featured


Post & Images by Jack McIntyre

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 9.23.18 PM
Willie G. Davidson, Myself, and Bill Davidson at the Museum, Photo by Marilyn Stemp

If you know me, personally, I am a huge fan of history, especially Northern European & American Civil & World Wars. However, I am also a huge fan of the Harley-Davidson legacy. Myself like many others, we knew of the families growing up, bought bikes, and lived the dream, but for me it really wasn’t until I watched the movie “Harley & the Davidson’s” that I really understood all that transpired from those early days (1903) until today. Continue reading MY RECENT VISIT TO THE HARLEY-DAVIDSON MUSEUM IN MILWAUKEE