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Metzeler Motorcycle Tires Helps Build Legendary Bike


Win Ride of Lifetime on Priceless, Custom-Built Bike Created by Indian Larry Motorcycles


MTZ_Facebook_FYD_coverRome, GA (March 10, 2014) –METZELER, the first name in quality motorcycle tires since 1892, is kicking off the 2014 riding season in partnership with legendary custom bike shop Indian Larry Motorcycles. The two iconic brands have come together to build a priceless custom motorcycle, uniquely built with input from motorcycle fans via the METZELER USA Facebook® page.  The entire event will be documented on Facebook in a web series starting March 17th and ending with a lucky fan taking off on a “Follow Your Dream” ride vacation on the custom bike. Fans get the chance to win by sharing why they deserve the “Dream Ride” at from March 10 through June 6, 2014.


“We’ve brought together two brands whose missions have always been about performance and quality – METZELER and Indian Larry Motorcycles. Now a lucky fan will get to experience those qualities at their best on one of America’s top riding routes,” says Chet Plewacki, Marketing Director at METZELER USA.  “To watch it all evolve in a web series, with the fans engaging on the customizations, makes this entire program a true dream experience from start to finish.”


The Grand Prize winner will receive a 4-day/5-night trip from which they can select a top course in the U.S. for the Follow Your Dream ride such as the Blue Ridge Parkway or Dragon’s Tail.  They will also receive a custom motorcycle helmet and leather jacket, a Sony® Action Head Cam and 10 sets of METZELER ME 888 MARATHON™ Ultra tires. The winner will also join the METZELER team at Indian Larry for the bike unveiling. Fans whoBobbySeegerJR enter the Follow Your Dream contest will automatically be included in a sweepstakes with over 30 chances to win great prizes like METZELER T-shirts and a set of METZELER ME 888 MARATHON™ Ultra tires.  The announcement of the three Follow Your Dream finalists will be held on June 16, with the Grand Prize winner being introduced at the bike unveiling.


“One of the beautiful things about building a custom bike are the surprising turns and improvisation that comes along the way,” says Bobby Seeger, Jr. of Indian Larry Motorcycles.  “Every bike takes a life of its own and we’re going to share that creative process with fans as together we build a masterpiece right down to what METZELER’S he sits on.”


After the “Dream Ride,” the bike will tour the country with appearances at METZELER dealers and major motorcycle events so that fans can experience firsthand the combined vision of the METZELER bike community and Indian Larry Motorcycles.


Watch the teaser video and enter to win now at Just click the “Follow Your Dream” tab to learn more. The sweepstakes is open to motorcycle license holders aged 21 and older in the U.S. and Canada.  


METZELER Motorcycle Tire / Follow Your Dream Sweepstakes

Fans can see the Follow Your Dream Promo video here: 


Fans can enter the Follow Your Dream contest here:






On the road since 1892, METZELER has more than 100 years of experience meeting motorcyclists’ toughest tire demands with unflagging innovation. Whether one is drawn to the longevity of its classic design or uncompromising performances, METZELER is an iconic brand to motorcycling worldwide. Established in Munich, METZELER offices are spread globally with production in Germany and South America. METZELER is the “Two Wheels Specialist,” appreciated by motorcyclists for its quality and technology.


For more information on METZELER and its line of motorcycle tires, please visit:

About Indian Larry Motorcycles

Brooklyn-based Indian Larry Motorcycles creates two-wheeled works of art. A skilled machinist, metal-sculptor and master motorcycle mechanic, Indian Larry originated the hard-core motorcycle style blending classic choppers and hotrod race bikes. Following his untimely passing in 2004, Larry’s team has diligently worked to preserve not only the memory of Indian Larry himself but that of his renowned chopper style. The quality workmanship and life long vision of Indian Larry continues through the work of his valued friends at Indian Larry Motorcycles. 

Learn more about Indian Larry at
METZELER Moto Press Office, US 

Daytona Bikeweek Continues to Marvel

DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA, site of the 2014 Bikeweek, sun, warm weather, and more sun… I’m sure that there will be lots of follow up articles next week, but for some photographic experiences, jump over to BIKERPICS.ORG, of which is shooting in Daytona all week, and the majority of the images are being sent over to BIKERNET.COM, in their “Cantina”. Enjoy the coverage, we are all in this together trying our best to have the viewers see the action quickly.

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Make It Your Own

1389752637689With 38 years of experience in the mechanical field, my passion for custom cars and motorcycles has grown and evolved over the years.  I have had several custom one-off motorcycle builds from the ground up and am now on my second Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Nothing against stock bikes.  Some of the factory bikes are very nice, but they are not a true extension of the owner’s personalities.  I like to customize my ride to fit my personality and life style.1389752661393


I chose the 2013 Roadglide because, in my opinion, it is the best riding touring model Harley has ever made.  However, it is not well liked because of its looks.  That’s where customization comes in.  I pulled this bike up on a rack at my shop, Chariots of Fire Customs LLC, in Troy, MO and began its transformation.  This Roadglide needed to become a part of me.  I started looking over the stock machine and decided to make some small changes at first to make it comfortable as an everyday rider.  I was not interested in making it a radical bagger.  I installed 12” ape hangers and Kuryakyn cruising pegs to ergonomically fit my 6’ frame for the long day rides my wife and I enjoy taking to get away from everyday stresses.  I personally like entertainment, so the radio, speakers, and amps in the fairing and Kuryakyn saddlebag lids was a must.  Kicker and Hogtunes helped with that. 


Next I moved on to looks.  This was somewhat easy because I wanted a stock look with a race flare.  Changes started to emerge with Cyclesmith’s saddlebag extensions, Klock Werks windshield and a RC Components 21” front wheel.  The wheel I also customized by having it powder coated flat black to match the paint on the bike.  I thought I was ready for the open road until I road the stock 103.  It just didn’t have the power I wanted.  With racing in my blood as owner of JAK Racing Team as well as having completed numerous upgrades for customers, I decided it needed something more, but I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to take.  A trip to Sturgis helped me out.


While in Sturgis with my closest friends I checked out the power upgrades and decided to turbo charge my ride.  1389752667323Nick Trask and his speed shop sold me on their great product.  A couple of weeks after getting back from Sturgis the bike was back on the rack for its 10K service and the speed upgrade was completed.  After installing .010 head gasket, 1.75 Jims roller rockers, Screaming Eagle 255 cams and the Trask turbo system, also in flat black to match the factory paint, I now had the horse power I wanted to make my ride my own.


My wife and I can ride this customized Roadglide as a daily rider and at night it can also double as my bad ass turbo glide street racer if I so choose.  In my experience, most riders want their bike to be customized to become an extension of their personality.  Individuals have visions from simple upgrades such as load pipes on a Sportster to major changes to create radical baggers.  There is a dream bike in every riders mind. 



Chariots of Fire Customs LLC

Troy, MO




HARLEY-DAVIDSON Busts out Two more Bikes

Contact: Jen Hoyer (414) 343-7092

The Return of the Rebellious Low Rider; Tour-Ready SuperLow 1200T Revealed

Low Rider SuperLow 1200T

MILWAUKEE (March 6, 2014) – Harley-Davidson® (NYSE:HOG) is at it again. Fresh off the unveiling of the new Harley-Davidson Street™ 750 and the launch of Project RUSHMORE, the company unleashed today two new motorcycles that expand its diverse line-up of street bikes, and put more models for more riders on the showroom floor of each Harley-Davidson dealer.

The mid-year release of the retro-cool Low Rider® and rangy SuperLow® 1200T completes the largest new-model launch in Harley-Davidson’s 110-year history and keeps the throttle pinned on the company’s accelerated, customer-led product-development process.

“It’s been a fantastic six months for us,” said Matt Levatich, Harley-Davidson Motor Company President and Chief Operating Officer. “First Project RUSHMORE, then Harley-Davidson Street, now the new SuperLow 1200T and Low Rider models — all are the result of being customer led and delivering riders the technical prowess and rebellious spirit that they want infused in each and every new Harley.”

Low Rider
In 1977, Harley-Davidson created a ride-it-hard, put-it-away dirty, make-your-own-boundaries custom motorcycle that became an icon – the Low Rider. Today that defiant attitude returns with a vengeance as the legendary Low Rider model name is reprised for an all-new cruiser that rolls with old-school class and exciting new performance. A polished headlamp visor, wrinkle black trim, and split five-spoke aluminum wheels are touchstone styling elements from the original Low Rider model.

The unrelenting thrust of the Twin Cam 103™ powertrain signals departure with a satisfying, throaty tone through twisting header pipes feeding a 2-into-1 exhaust. Suspension is calibrated for all-day comfort and precise handling, while dual-front disc brakes deliver capable stopping power. The new adjustable seat and handlebar risers enable a perfect fit for more riders. Ample Genuine Motor Accessories offer endless possibilities for self-expression, so any rider can own the look and own the road.

SuperLow 1200T
Harley-Davidson opens the door to touring adventure with the SuperLow 1200T, a motorcycle that combines a nimble chassis with essential touring features and the power to ride to the horizon. A detachable windshield, locking saddlebags and Michelin® Scorcher™ 11T touring tires are standard equipment. Docking points accommodate detachable accessory racks and backrests for ease of customization.

A new seat and control ergonomics are shaped specifically to give more riders long-distance comfort. The SuperLow 1200T can run with the pack thanks to the power of a 1200cc Evolution® V-Twin engine, and it weighs 118 pounds less than the lightest Harley-Davidson Big Twin touring motorcycle. The finish is premium Harley-Davidson with aluminum wheels, an available two-tone paint scheme and plenty of brilliant chrome.

To swing a leg over a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle visit to find a local dealer. The Low Rider and SuperLow 1200T models start arriving today in dealerships across the country, and are available to demo during Daytona Bike Week at the Harley-Davidson display at the Speedway.

About Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Harley-Davidson Motor Company produces custom, cruiser and touring motorcycles and offers a complete line of Harley-Davidson® motorcycle parts, accessories, riding gear and apparel, and general merchandise. For more information, visit Harley-Davidson’s website at


Rugged Dyna Custom Delivers Kick-Ass Performance and Perfect-Fit Ergonomics

Low Rider


MILWAUKEE (March 6, 2014) – In 1977, Harley-Davidson® created a ride-it-hard, put-it-away dirty, make-your-own-boundaries custom motorcycle that became an icon – the Low Rider® model. Today after a five-year hiatus the legendary Low Rider motorcycle returns, reborn with timeless Harley-Davidson custom cruiser styling and exciting new performance, primed to set free anyone who craves the taste of freedom. With an innovative ergonomic design that easily adjusts to provide a perfect fit, the new Low Rider motorcycle is a Big Twin for every rider. Available now as a mid-year 2014 model, it’s absolutely, unmistakably Harley-Davidson.


The new Low Rider responds with assertive authority to rider input, the unrelenting thrust of its Twin Cam 103 powertrain harnessed in an agile Harley-Davidson Dyna® chassis. Michelin® Scorcher tires are mated with suspension calibrated for all-day comfort and precise handling, featuring stout 49mm forks and new coil-over rear shocks, both with tri-rate springs. Dual front disc brakes deliver ample stopping power. Sculpted header pipes feed a 2-into-1 exhaust that emits a satisfying, throaty tone. Stop light-to-stop light or on the open highway, the Low Rider delivers exhilarating performance.


Informed by the same accelerated, customer-led product development process that propelled Project RUSHMORE, the new Low Rider is designed to fit a broad range of riders in a confident, comfortable riding position straight from the factory. Harley-Davidson leveraged the science of ergonomics to develop a “perfect fit” rider position utilizing three key features: a two-position seat, an adjustable handlebar riser, which can each be easily adjusted by the dealer using simple hand tools, and footpegs that are relocated two inches forward. The Low Rider still lives up to its name; seat height is just 25.4 inches.


“We wanted the new Low Rider to offer an expanded comfort envelope, and worked in three stages toward that goal,” said Paul Weiss, lead engineer on the Low Rider project. “We started with live feedback from riders of all sizes, and then employed Pro/Engineer computer simulations of posture and riding positions to project the best locations for rider controls.”

Computer-generated rider triangles representing the extremes of the biometric targets – 5’ 1” to 6’ 1” in height – were overlaid on the Dyna chassis. These triangles depicted not just the reach of the respective riders, but also the more critical comfort zones within the range of reach.

“We next had to design solutions we could put into production,” said Weiss. “Inspired by the idea that you’d adjust a car seat to meet the controls, we devised the two-position Low Rider seat that can move the rider forward or backward 1.5 inches. By next adding handlebar adjustability, we were able to accommodate the riders in our defined comfort envelope. The final change was relocating the footpegs two inches forward of the previous Dyna mid-mount position.”

Harley-Davidson Engineering and Styling departments next collaborated on the design of a seat with a removable bolster, secured by two concealed screws, to provide the desired range of seating position. A new headlamp visor bolts to the upper triple clamp and provides the fixture to support the adjustable handlebar riser, secured by four easy-access hex-head bolts.

“The Low Rider represents intense collaboration between the Harley-Davidson Styling and Engineering staffs,” said lead stylist Tony Pink. “Engineering created some innovative solutions to expand the comfort envelope of the Low Rider, and our styling team successfully incorporated those features while maintaining the premium finish our customers associate with Harley-Davidson.”


The original Low Rider set a styling benchmark when it was introduced in 1977, and Harley-Davidson designers went back to that milestone motorcycle for inspiration in creating a new Low Rider with a look that’s timeless and authentic.


“Our styling team envisioned a new motorcycle with rugged, universal appeal,” said Pink. “The use of wrinkle-black paint on the powertrain, wheels, console and trim are key to the new look. The visor and suspended headlamp are also touchstone styling elements we wanted on this new Low Rider. Like the original, this new Low Rider rolls on cast-aluminum wheels; the new ones feature this tough split five-spoke design. We’ve achieved a look that’s purebred, classic Harley-Davidson.”


Key Low Rider Features


·      Rubber-mounted Twin Cam 103 engine is rated at 99 ft. lbs. of torque at 3500 rpm. The engine is equipped with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) and Automatic Compression Release (ACR), and is mated to a 6-speed Cruise Drive® transmission. The powertrain is finished in wrinkle black powder coat with chrome-plated covers.


·      Unique handlebar riser offers 2.4 inches of adjustment and seamless integration.


·      Two-position ergonomic seat is tuned to fit a broad range of riders with a removable bolster that moves the rider 1.5 inches forward; laden seat height is 25.4 inches. High-performance perforated seat cover features a classic stitching pattern.


·      Mid-mount foot controls are positioned to best fit most riders with an in-command riding position.

·      Split five-spoke cast aluminum wheels feature a classic, muscular look. The wheels are finished in wrinkle black with diamond cut highlights


·      Chrome 2-into-1 exhaust emits a throaty sound and pays homage to the original Low Rider.

·      Wrinkle black console holds an analog speedometer and analog tachometer. Indicator lights are integrated into the tachometer.


·      Chrome-plated rear fender strut covers feature wrinkle black cutouts.


·      Chrome-plated battery box insert with wrinkle black highlights.


·      Classic headlamp visor.


·      Polished front end.


·      Dual disc front brakes.


·      Suspension features 49mm front forks and coil-over rear shocks, both with tri-rate springs; each tuned to deliver all-day comfort and excellent performance.


·      Michelin® Scorcher™ tires.


·      Custom ignition switch located on the left side of the motorcycle.


·      H-D® Smart Security System with hands-free, proximity-based security fob as a factory-installed option.


·      Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is a factory-installed option, standard in select markets. 


·      Chrome steel-laced wheels an available option in select markets


Nimble Sportster Tour-Ready with Bags, Windshield and Adjustable Suspension

SuperLow 1200T



MILWAUKEE (March 6, 2014) – The new Harley-Davidson® SuperLow® 1200T motorcycle opens the door to freedom. A Sportster® model equipped with essential touring features, the SuperLow 1200T model is created specifically to get more riders on the long-haul route to adventure aboard a with the signature style, comfort and prestige of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The SuperLow 1200T is available now as a mid-year 2014 model introduction.


In creating the SuperLow 1200T, Harley-Davidson has for the first time combined its nimble SuperLow chassis with the performance of an Evolution® 1200 V-Twin engine. A new suspension and tire package is ready to go the distance with luggage and a passenger on board. Its ergonomics are calibrated to offer riders from 5’ 1” to 5’ 7” in height an easy reach to the ground, handlebar and foot controls. The SuperLow 1200T weighs 118 pounds less than the lightest Harley-Davidson Big Twin touring motorcycle.


“The SuperLow 1200T is a new motorcycle driven by the voice of our customers, and by customer action,” said Jennifer Gersch, Harley-Davidson Product Planning Manager. “Many riders seeking an entry point to the touring experience have been putting together a bike like this on their own. We’ve added ergonomic adjustments and a selection of touring accessories to a motorcycle platform that is already popular with our customers. They can tour on a great-looking motorcycle that offers performance and inspires confidence, while experiencing those life-defining moments that can only be encountered on the open road.”

Touring features of the SuperLow 1200T include locking saddlebags and a detachable windshield. The saddlebag mounting hardware incorporates quick-detachable docking points to make it possible to easily add an accessory rack or backrest. The rear shock absorbers offer easy pre-load adjustment to accommodate the weight of luggage and a passenger on the two-up Reduced Reach® touring seat. Mini footboards provide added comfort for the rider and passenger, and the rider foot position is three inches forward from the SuperLow® 883 model to make it easier to place feet flat on the ground and to reach the side stand.

The SuperLow 1200T owner rides on a motorcycle that’s pure, premium Harley-Davidson with black and silver split five-spoke cast aluminum wheels, a special cloisonné tank medallion and plenty of brilliant chrome. Both solid and two-tone paint schemes are available.


The SuperLow 1200T features the same easy-handling chassis dynamics originally developed for the SuperLow 883. Fork angle, wheel sizes and radial tires were engineered as a package to reduce steering effort and provide responsive handling. Available as factory-installed options, the Anti-lock Braking System and H-D® Smart Security System with a proximity-based security fob and keyless ignition offer additional confidence-inspiring control.


Premium performance brakes feature a 300mm front rotor, a rigid front brake caliper with dual 34mm pistons, and a high-efficiency aluminum front master cylinder. Rear brake rotor diameter is 260mm with dual 38mm pistons. Front and rear brakes are fitted with Original Equipment braided stainless steel brake lines that resist abrasion and enhance brake feel.

An electrical system update to all 2014 Sportster® models incorporates an analog speedometer with digital tachometer, restyled ergonomic hand controls, an updated wire harness and voltage regulator. The new hand controls include a left-hand trip switch to toggle through screen displays on the speedometer, including an odometer, tripmeter, gear indicator and RPM display. Additionally, new oil tank and side cover designs make it easier to access and service the battery and diagnostic terminal.


Key SuperLow 1200T Features

·      An air-cooled Evolution® 1200cc V-Twin engine with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), rated at 71 ft. lbs. peak torque at 3500 rpm, has a broad powerband for easy get-away from a stop and smooth power out of corners. The powertrain is finished in black powder coat with chrome-plated covers.


·      Reduced Reach® two-up touring seat moves the rider forward and features a narrow nose for an easy reach to the ground. Seat height is 26.1 inches.

·      Rear suspension features a right-side twin tube and a left-side dial adjustable emulsion shock with an easy-to-reach dial that enables a broad range of pre-load adjustment without removing the saddlebags or using tools.

·      Front suspension is tuned to accommodate touring and passenger payloads while providing a comfortable ride.

·      Detachable 14-inch clear polycarbonate windshield can be adjusted on the forks to match rider height.

·      Optimized rider foot location allows easy reach to the ground and to the side stand.

·      Mini footboards provide support to the rider for comfort on long rides.

·      Black and silver, split five-spoke aluminum wheels with Michelin® Scorcher™ 11T touring tires that are engineered for a touring payload.

·      Front turn signals are located on the lower triple tree to increase handlebar adjustment range.

·      Lockable saddlebags are covered in durable black vinyl with chrome badges.

·      Factory-installed rear docking hardware facilitates installation of an optional luggage rack and sissy bar with backrest.


·      Premium glass-filled chrome cloisonné tank badge.

·      Chrome-plated headlamp visor, turn signal housings and instrument housing.

·      Color choices include: Vivid Black, Candy Orange, and two-tone Birch White/Midnight Pearl.